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    imJihyo reacted to ParkLoey in Details DataPage update button   
    Do you have other fields on your Details page configuration besides those? An update button only shows up when you have editable fields. Perhaps you have some hidden fields there too?
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    imJihyo reacted to ParkLoey in Download results as excel records limitation   
    Hi @imJihyo 
    I experienced this before as well! Apparently, they do have a limitation for downloadable records in result pages. As a workaround, I enabled the compress feature and I haven't had any problems with it. As far as I can remember, the most number of records I was able to download was around 90k. Haven't tried going over that number though. 

    I hope this helps!
    - LOEY
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    imJihyo reacted to Flowers4Algernon in Hide sections and require fields based on a value   
    Hello, you can use 1 rule to hide a section and add different criterias. In this example that I have made, I have a Open, Pending, and Clsoed Status Values. I also have 4 Sections. If the Status is Open, then only Section 2 should be visible; If the Status is Pending, Section 3 should be the only section that is visible; and same goes with Closed and Section 4. 

    So what I did was created three rules that would hide each sections:


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    imJihyo reacted to kpcollier in Separate Input Fields For Time Parts - Mobile View   
    Here is the solution. You need to drill down to which cbFormBlock you want to edit. Each of my cbNestedTableContainers has another cbFormBlock class with a number. cbFormBlock28 is the one I needed that included all of the fields I was trying to edit.
    Then you need to make it display as a grid. This will get the fields all on the same line. 
    You will need to use 'grid-auto-columns' or 'grid-template-columns' to change the width of the fields once they are on the grid. 
    div[class*='cbFormBlock28'] { display: grid !important; grid-auto-columns: max-content; }
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    imJihyo got a reaction from Gabrielle in Tables from Current Project Don't Show Up When I Try to Create an Authentication Object   
    Hi guys! Just wanted to add these links about setting up authentications. It's very informative and helped me a lot when I was just starting out with Caspio 
    - Jihyo ♥
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    imJihyo reacted to CoopperBackpack in Tables from Current Project Don't Show Up When I Try to Create an Authentication Object   
    Hello @Gabrielle,
    Please note that this dropdown shows the tables that have a unique field.
    The Authentication can be created using the table with the unique field since it`s required to define the specific user.  
    For example, in this table the email field is set to unique:

    Feel free to update this thread in case of additional questions. 
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    imJihyo reacted to kpcollier in How can I make a date append to my file name when report is downloaded?   
    There use to be a checkbox next to where you name the download in Download Options that would append the current date to the name. But, for some reason, they deleted that and changed it out without telling anyone. I was also looking for this today. Now, you need to click on the 'field picker' next to the name box in Download Options and select the timestamp option. 
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    imJihyo got a reaction from myName in A data page doesn't work with Bluehost   
    Hey guys! I also found this thread and it says that your DataPage must have been recognized as abused:
    You can reach out to support if @ParkLoey's comment doesn't apply to you 
    - Jihyo ♥
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    imJihyo reacted to TellMeWhy in Disable option in dropdown   
    Hi @imJihyo,
    Yes, unfortunately, this can't be done through standard features as we cannot edit the HTML tag of the options through DataPage Settings. We may use JavaScript for this one, though.
    Please change the id 'InsertRecordTitle' to your proper field ID

    This basically takes the first option 'options[0]'  and disables it 'disabled=true' so it cannot be selected.
    Here's a demo if you want to see
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    imJihyo reacted to CoopperBackpack in Adding a Form to a Result Page   
    Hello @DougH,
    The easiest way to implement this is the following:
    1) Add the HTML block on the  Configure Results Page Fields screen of your Report DataPage.
    2) In the HTML block place a link to your Submission form DataPage and pass the event ID as a parameter.
    For example:
    <a href="https://c1aaa111.caspio.com/dp/9fae7000db8d9f6958d84c15b418?Event_ID=[@field:Event_ID#]">Register for this event</a>

    3) On the Submission form DataPage receive the Event_ID parameter.

    Please replace the [@Event_ID] with you local field name. 
    Hope this helps. 
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    imJihyo reacted to ClayG in Workaround for routine importing when you have "List - String" datatype columns   
    I just had a thought for my own question... In case others run into this, my thought is to export my app (without any data) before doing a data import; then switch my column datatypes as needed; do my data import; switch the column datatypes back; then import the app back into Caspio so that my datapage is back to normal.
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    imJihyo reacted to ParkLoey in mailto link/pop-up/redirection   
    Just wanted to share this as well. Just in case you want to use an email inside your table as the recipient, you can create mail to links as well. The good news is, this time you can do it using standard features. No need to add codes. What you need to do is just change the render value as to email link and that's it! 
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    imJihyo reacted to ParkLoey in mailto link/pop-up/redirection   
    You can use this one if you want to add a subject and body:
    <a href="mailto:[@field:RecordTextEmail]?subject=Mail from Caspio DataPage&body=Here is an email coming from my Caspio DataPage">Send an email now</a>
    I used that code here: https://c2abn197.caspio.com/dp/adf580006874c633dd9546e2acf3
    Also, what I experienced is, since I don't have a default mailing app, upon clicking, it shows all mailing app I have that is available. However, when I set one app as my default mailing app, it opens on that.
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    imJihyo reacted to ParkLoey in mailto link/pop-up/redirection   
    Hi @imJihyo
    Here’s what I’m using for my Report DataPage
    <a href="mailto:[@field:RecordTextEmail]">Send an email now</a>
    I tried using this in an HTML Block and Footer and it both works. Just make sure to change [@field:RecordTextEmail] to the field you want to use. I suggest using the field picker since it is easier.
    Here’s the link to my Test DataPage as well for you to see: https://c2abn197.caspio.com/dp/adf580003e27c8c147304009bce8
    I hope this helps!
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    imJihyo reacted to ParkLoey in Center align header and footer content   
    Hi @imJihyo
    It is indeed very simple, but it's totally fine! With Caspio's many features, we often miss out some and overlook them.
    If you don't want to use CSS, you can click this icon and it should make the editing screen bigger and also show other settings available, alignment, creating tables etc.  

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    imJihyo got a reaction from AtayBalunbalunan in mailto link/pop-up/redirection   
    I’m trying to create something similar to websites that has a link that automatically opens a mailing app and already has a to address. Is this possible with Caspio? I want it to appear at the bottom of my DataPage. Any suggestion is much appreciated. Thanks!
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