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  1. Hi, I'm trying to create a warranty registration process with a twist. I have a product that will be engraved with a QR code that user will scan to register their warranty. I created a table with unique ID (Warranty_ID), name and email, file, as well as submission date and WarrantyRegistered with Y/N field type. I populated it with unique ID's starting at 00000001 and down. I then created the DataPage and set it to receive parameters - the Warranty_ID specifically I deployed this DataPage and copied the deploy url. I then generated a dynamic QR code and used the deploy URL, with ?Warranty_ID=00000001 as the parameter to be received. I created a QR code for each unique warranty ID, and attached as a file in each corresponding record as a record. When I scan the QR code, it takes me to the DataPage and I'm able to enter name and email, and it stamps to the table correctly. It also automatically marks the Y/N field as Y and timestamps the submission date What I need is for the next time the QR code is scanned (and only once the registration has been completed), for the url that was pointing to the registration page to redirect to another DataPage. I've tried to follow this method but can't get it to work, particularly the last option to redirect the user the first time they log in. https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/create-user-specific-redirect-after-login/ I have a feeling it's because I'm not authenticating the page so can't use that as a method!? Any help will be appreciated
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