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  1. Like the title suggests, I am looking for a way to have users view a datapage that pulls tables together using a many to many relationship. What I want to achieve is a user logging in and seeing a company maintenance interface (pictured below). From this interface they will be able to manager users, manage applications, manage workflows, and manage approval groups. This question is in regard to the approval groups datapage and how to achieve the following. The user will click the approval group option and be taken to a screen that allows them to view/modify an approval group or add users and approvers to create an approval group. Here is how I currently have it setup. The approval group consists of an approval_group_id and a name. The member table consists of all details about the members including a user_guid. The join table named Group_Members consists of the user_guid from the member table and the approval_group_id from the approval group table. (Screenshots below for a visual) So I would like company1 to login, go to company maintenance, select approval groups, be taken to approval group options, create new approval group by selecting members and adding them to the Group_Member table that assigns the approval_group_id to them. The functionality for approvers will work the same exact way but this question is just asking about Group_Members for now. Thanks for your time and let me know if you need any more information.
  2. Thanks for the quick responses. My database is normalized and relations are setup. I am familiar with restricting access of the data by role but I am looking for something that is more complex. Think of it this way, all members will login to the same datapages but they will be redirected by company and custom role name to their appropriate tab view . Remember every company will have different workflow levels and different forms they will pay for but all share the same caspio datapages. I was thinking if anyone knew of a PHP or Javascript way to handle this so what i'll have is the HTML structure built out so when company1 user1 logs in to the app they get redirected to the correct URL with only the GUI they need to see and the data is restricted by record level security from there. So Caspio handles the security/logins and the HTML structure handles what the end user gets redirected to. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hello, I am building an App as follows, New company gets created in the company table and assigned a company_id. I then create an admin login assigned to this company_id that allows the user to do the following. They create new members for their company_id and custom role names. The custom role names will be similar to user, manager, district manager, CEO, etc BUT each company makes their own role names so keep that in mind. The app will support multiple companies and each company will have multiple levels of titles with names they created as such. What I am looking to accomplish is, 1 login form that will direct each company to their appropriate level of applications they will pay for based on each custom role name they created. So a user1 for company1 would login as see two forms to pick from and submit data. This would get sent to their direct supervisor for approval. Supervisor1 at company1 would login and see the request from user1 and approve or deny. If they approve it goes up another level and so on until the number of approval workflow is done. Company2 would be similar but they would be named member2 logins and does the same workflow as above, but it gets sent to manager2. Manager2 logins in and see the request from member2 and so on. I am looking for options on how to accomplish this since the roles will be custom names doing a user level redirect. There will be many companies with many role names so keep that in mind. Javascript, PHP, Caspio that can handle the redirect to show the user their appropriate GUI with the tabs and data they need to see with their company logo.
  4. Hi Telly, Thanks for the response. I was thinking something along these lines. I got this working by adding it to an HTML block above the footer so it was above the next record arrows and not below it. I do have one problem now. For some reason if I now click the Back button the "Insert & Update acknowledgment" is now being sent via email saying the record is Approved even though I clicked the back button. I tested the Update record and that still works normally. See screenshot on how the back button is now on the left https://imgur.com/a/0OgIcC0
  5. How would I go about swapping the placement of the two buttons pictured? I would like the left button to be the back button and the right to be the update button. https://imgur.com/a/hyFf969
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