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  1. @CoopperBackpack Just tested now: it works like a charm! Wonderful and elegant solution. Thanks again
  2. Thanks a lot @CoopperBackpack! I will try this for sure. You are a genius!
  3. Hi everybody, I'm trying to create a form to insert data into my appliances table. I would like to use appliance_types table as a lookup table in a dropdown box. That is not a problem. The problem is when I try to use Autocomplete. It seems not possible to use autocomplete on the ApplianceType field (text) rather than on the ApplianceTypeID. Any workaround? Thank you so much .
  4. This is a tricky one. I haven't found any solution yet. In a details report page, one field of my data source is an ID and I would like to show its description from a lookup table rather than the value of the ID itself. Is there any way to achive that? Thank you.
  5. Hi @Vitalikssssss, that's a possibilty. I actually implemented something different. With a javascript I added a LOGOUT button to the page. That way, if the user wants to logout after they're finished thay can do so. Thanks a lot all the same
  6. Thanks a lot @sandy159! I actually figured that by myself but thanks all the same. Really appreciated. I'm just starting to learn this platform
  7. Hi Everybody, I was wondering if there is any way to automatically logout an authenticated user from a page when the page is closed in their browser. This is to prevent anyone else from accessing that page if it's reloaded. Thank you.
  8. Hi everybody, I'm trying to create a log in DataPage that, depending on the user level (Admin, Developer or Customer), will grant or deny access to another DataPage. The user type (level) is a field of Users Table. So the process would be: 1) register as a user with email and username (already done that) - 3 different Forms for each user type/level; 2) After a user has registered they can log in; 3) Depending on which type of user logs in, they will be granted access to a different DataPage or even to the same DataPage but with different permissions. How do I do that? I couldn't fin
  9. I was wondering if anybody here could help me on this one. I'd like to run a javascript to validate form fields before submission but after caspio own validation. Let me be clearer. I've already set a few constraints like minimum and maximum number of characters, for instance, but I have some further checks I'd like to add to validate fields before the form is submitted. I want to make sure Caspio checks run first and then and only then, if everything is OK, I want to run my script which contains further and more strict validation rules. Example: I want to verify that a mobile number
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