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  1. @TellMeWhy Thanks for the help. I was missing the logic that the "cascading" works its way down the parent field chain through all dropdowns. I was assuming that it was only 1 level deep so to speak. Makes sense especially considering the term "cascading". I appreciate the quick help.
  2. Thanks for responding, It's the 3 columns, these fields: Tool, Size, Description plus I have a concatenated field that has Tool_Size in case I was able to use that, but I can't use formulas fields as parent fields in the cascading dropdown settings. So the issue is that the Description lookup can only go against 1 column/field in the lookup table. So if the user selects a tool of "wrench", then size of "14", the cascade drop down settings for Description will only allow for 1 parent field - so you can only choose Tool or Size as the parent field, but not both.
  3. I need to be able to select values from a list based off two columns/fields. To keep it simple, I have a table that has the following fields Tool, Size, Description. Tool and Size are not unique, but the row itself is unique: For example: Tool, Size, Description Wrench, 14 Description A Wrench, 14, Description B Wrench, 15, Description Z Wrench, 16, Description 1 Wrench, 16, Description 2 Wrench, 16, Description 3 When the user is entering detail on a data page, they must select a Tool, and a Size, but then they need to be able to select one of the descriptions from the descriptions with that Tool/Size combo. For example if the user selected Wrench and size 16, then the Description 1, Description 2, and Description 3 would be available for selection. This would be easy with a Select statement as the source for a drop down, or if I could simply use a concatenated formula field as the parent field for the cascading drop down. But that's not an option. This seems like it is pretty standard, so I'm sure I'm just missing something simple. Can anyone help???????
  4. Yes, thank you. Using the [@field:fieldname] worked as desired. Really appreciate the help!
  5. I have a list that when I click on the ID field it takes me to the details page. I've added an iframe in the details page, but it needs a parameter "@rid". What I'd like to happen is that when I click the ID field on the listing, it stores that value in the "@rid" parameter in addition to opening up the details page. Anyone know how to accomplish something like this?
  6. Thanks @sandy159 Thanks. For some reason I couldn't get the style attribute to work within the iframe tag, but I was able to get redefine the mobile and tablet font sizes.
  7. Hi All, When I display a report result set directly on a data page, the font size what I'm expecting based on my localization. However when I embed the result set's html page in an iFrame within another data page with the same localization, the Font size increases. How can I force the font to be a particular size in an iFrame since adjusting the localization doesn't seem to help in this case? See image below as an example.
  8. Is Caspio going to provide a portal for searching for Caspio Certified App Developers? If not I'm not sure how getting certified adds value to anyone. The market is so niche as it is, companies won't have a way to find these people. As an example, one can easily find Microsoft Certified companies, professionals, etc because Microsoft provides a search portal for them, but Caspio likely won't want to compete against their own internal consulting professionals. It'll be interesting to see how they develop their certification.
  9. Solved, issue was using quotes in the text criteria. Please remove. ----------------------------------- Hi All, I'm trying to send an email based off a specific status change. The following works to send an email when the status is changed: But when I try to add a second condition within the WHERE using AND the email does not send: Any suggestions on how I can get this to work? Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much!!!
  10. @TellMeWhy, @kpcollier Thank you for the suggestions. I'm hoping I'll be able to use what you posted to get what I'm looking for. I'll update once I've had time to give it a go. Thanks, Again!
  11. Thanks, I had looked at the invoice video previously. I may be able to make that work, but it seems like such a long way around a simple "relational database" concept - detail and adding/editing related detail on a single web page. Anyway, I appreciate all the direction and help, and hopefully I'll be able to make that work.
  12. I've asked this in similar post but I think I want to ask it differently with a mock-up pic because it seems like such a simple concept, that it has to be possible. If not possible, how would you experts accomplish something similar ... pop-ups, or whatever? Anyone?
  13. @kpcollier @IamNatoyThatLovesYou Thanks, I will take what you have both provided and try to get it to work. Really excited to see that IN statement also. I think that's going to help.
  14. In the SQL world, I can Select from a table and then use something like Status IN ( Select Status From tStatus where StatusType = 'PM'). Essentially a subquery contained within the IN. Is that possible here?
  15. Another way to ask this, If I were creating an invoice for example, how would someone add the individual items? It's not always going to be one item per invoice right?
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