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  1. Hi - I'd like my page to automatically display updated results when a user selects a new value in the listbox. I'm pulling the values for the listbox from a lookup table. I tried following the forum here - But there are a few differences. For one, I am using a listbox. Two, since this forum, caspio has started appending unique ids to their elements. I'm able to "fake" the click using a custom search button, but I'd like the click to be triggered when a user changes their selection from the listbox. When I print the unique ids to the console, I'm seeing that caspio is returning two different ids - one of the search form and one of the report form. I'm stuck on how to move forward! <body> <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { var suffix = event.detail.uniqueSuffix; console.log(suffix); }); document.getElementById("cbFormSelect"+suffix).onchange = myFunction(); function myFunction(){ document.getElementById("searchID_f7f77d11d467fb.cbSearchButton").click(); } </script> <button id = "testButton" onclick = "myFunction()">Search</button> //testing if myFunction works - it does </body>
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