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  1. Found the answer to this question. I am creating a report where the search (dropdown menu) opens the results in a different web page (my search options are embedded in one web page and the results are embedded in another page). Basically, I have a web page with options on how to search (dropdown menu or an image with selectable areas). The links on the image with selectable areas (counties on a map) all have URLs with the parameter added. Those links go to the web page that has the results form and work fine. My problem is using Caspio to create a dropdown form element on thi
  2. I've tried it on the joined tables and it works great. Super.
  3. This is working perfect. Thanks! You are awesome. I have two more questions. Will this process work on joined tables, as in the image is in one table and the checkbox is in another table. I'm going to experiment with this, just wondering if it makes sense. I'm thinking you just need to use the table/field names in place of the field names. On the topic of triggered actions. Caspio does not support assigning a file field by a triggered action. Do you know of any work-arounds? Thanks again, David
  4. CoopperBackpack, This is working and is awesome! Here is what I need to adjust. The words "Yes" and "No" show up in the results. If the checkbox is not checked then the word "No" shows up in the results. If the checkbox is checked then the image appears and the word "Yes" shows up. How do I get rid of these words? Thanks for all the help. David Davis
  5. I have a basic table with records that includes a file field (image) and a status field (checkbox). I need to do a gallery report where the image only shows when the status field is checked. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for the help. David Davis
  6. NiceDuck, Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate the help! I realize I only provided a small snippet to keep things focused so you weren't able to see the entire trigger, which is lengthy and has multiple record insert actions in it. I would have had to use lots of where conditions. Using one IF THEN statement actually kept the trigger simpler and easier to understand. David Davis
  7. Perfect! It works great. Thank you, I would never have gotten to this on my own. Also, amazing work on creating a graphic to show me how it should look, with the table names and fields. Awesome! David Davis
  8. I'm working on a trigger action (part of it pictured below) using an IF THEN logic where lots of data are inserted into various tables when a comparison is true versus not being inserted when a comparison is false. It works great when the comparison is simple, such as 1 equals 1 versus 1 equals 2. But what I want to compare is a student_id being inserted versus a student_id in a different table. The logic I need is: If the student_id being inserted in table A is not in table B then all of the insertions will occur. If the student_id being inserted in table A is already in table B then none of
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