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  1. Hi, I have set my export task frequency to 8 AM ET. As I can see on the 'Next run time', it is 4hrs ahead of time, like 12 PM. What causes this advance time?
  2. Hi. I have a search datapage that uses a set of radio buttons as a search field. I want the radio button to display in 4 columns. I cannot see this as an option on the 'Placement' option. How can I achieve this?
  3. Does Caspio set the default password when a user forgot to insert a password on a non-required field?
  4. Hello everyone. I do have a date roll up Month and the Year in a pivot report, currently is it formatted as 'March 2021' using long date and I want to format to 'Mar 2021' How can I do it? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hayley

    Search Criteria

    Hi everyone. I want to search the Owner_ID using report datapage, but the problem is I want to show both blank and filled data? How can I achieve it?
  6. Hi everyone, how can I concatenate fields that are not blank via SQL? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I'm just wondering on how to extract the date or time from a timestamp field? Thank you in advanced!!
  8. How can I remove 2 factor authentication on my Caspio Bridge account? There's no option to do this. Thank you in advance
  9. Hello, I am trying to sort my collapsible group from my report datapage, but i see no settings or configurations for this and by default it is sorted alphabetically. Is there a workaround for this? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, I tried to import and exporting back my tables and view, but upon import, my data type changed from date/time to text and integers to numbers? is it from the file format that I have chosen? Thanks in advance.
  11. Is there a way to calculate on how many times will my update datapage be updated? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hi, I have a field that is not included on the datapage and i'm using view as my data source. how can i include it? Thanks in advance.
  13. We have a datapage that sends a set of parameters to another datapage via a URL query string. This works well, except when a parameter contains a '#' symbol, which blocks the value that follows this in the URL from being received. Do you have any way of sending values containing the "#" symbol? Thanks in advance.
  14. Can someone help me? I am unable to show the remove checkbox on the details page even if I changed the form element to 'File'.
  15. Hello, im currently importing an excel file, but it is taking long minutes than the usual. What are the cause/s of the issue?
  16. I'm trying to refer to a virtual field in an html block, and it's not working. In a calculation, I can refer to the field as '[@cbParamVirtual1]' but when I use this value in an html block, nothing appears on the page. This isn't upon exit, this is within the same page. I'm trying to use it in an html block, and the page is showing nothing.
  17. Can someone help me? I am using a single record update page and after updating the data a notification email will be sent to them, but i noticed that after updating some data, the content of the email is still the old ones.
  18. I want to change to position of the checkbox label to the right and I see no options for doing this, can you please help?
  19. I will just use images from google
  20. I am creating a submission datapage, how can I use images on radio buttons?
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