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  1. Is this right? Here's my Formula Field CONVERT(DATE, ( LEFT(RIGHT([@field:SKU],6),2) +'/' + LEFT(RIGHT([@field:SKU],4),2) +'/' + '20'+RIGHT([@field:SKU],2) ),101) RIGHT Function gets the RIGHT part of the text with specified length( RIGHT(Field, length)) LEFT function is to get the left part of the text, once I got the 6 ending characters, I took the 2 leftmost ones to get the month, then add '/' Then I took the 4 RIGHT characters, and took the 2 leftmost ones again, that will be the day, then add '/' then '20' concatenated by the 2 rightmost digits (to get 2021) Then convert it all to date, 101 is code for converting text into date format and vice versa, you can omit the conversion if you don't need to.
  2. so basically, each date (if you have multiple one based on location) has different SKU, right? Most probably, your SKU is correct, you can use Scheduled Task to transfer the dates from Events Table to Customer Table based on the SKU, Or, you can also use Formula Field. In your case your SKU has XXX090921, you can take the 09 then concatenate a '/' then take the next two and concatenate '/' again, then concatenate '20' to the 21, and then convert all these to Date
  3. it will be the same even if another source is used if you're using another domain to send using another one. https://support.google.com/a/answer/33786?hl=en
  4. It's manual. You will have to get current month of TimeStamp, get current day, get current year, then concatenate everything and add the '/' another way is to create a Formula Field on the Destination table and remove the time.
  5. What other errors are you getting?? It needs Billing Enabled for your project in Google cloud, JavaScript Maps API, I believe, and Geocoding API
  6. Better to use parentheses when your doing calculations or concatenations of multiple fields. You're using one here But not here, Also make sure your THEN results all have the same DataType outputs, and you're not concatenatin/adding text field with a number
  7. I get that too, but, my map works fine. The Map script is stored internally in Caspio Server, so, you probably can't do that. Maybe you can ask them to use quarterly/weekly version, but, I doubt it, cause it suddenly not work
  8. Here's the Step-by-step guide, can you try this?
  9. Use the On Load feature, and on load the Authentication Field that stores their name
  10. What does yours look like? Mine adjusts accordinly...
  11. try this, basically, it's excluding the elements with the said classes using 'not' <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> var elems = document.querySelectorAll("td:not([class^='cbResultSetGroup1Label']):not([class^='cbResultSetTotalsData'])"); for (var i=0, m=elems.length; i<m; i++) { if (elems[i].innerHTML=="1") { elems[i].style.color="BACK";} if (elems[i].innerHTML=="1") { elems[i].style.backgroundColor="LIGHTGREEN";} } </SCRIPT>
  12. 1.) This can only be done through Triggered Action. On Insert in PIs Table > Insert Container field to Container Table. I dont quite understand the other two, but I believe 2 is possible as long as you have a field that connects all the related records, say Product Name across all 3 tables. For View, what is this for? Do you want to join all records regardless of data? IF so, just use OUTER JOIN, if you want to Join them, say, based on Product Name, then use Inner Join Product Name Not sure if this can help you, but you can check this out
  13. Are you using direct URLs or you're using webpages? I was able to do this on just DataPages, and it needs JavaScript. Set the Designated Entry Page on Timeout and Redirection to NONE <script> if(window.location.href != 'URL'){ window.location.href='URL'; } document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1').value = document.referrer; </script> Basically, on the Authentication that I use, I check if the window.location.href (the URL of the current page) is not equal to your Designated Entry Page, redirect it to your Designated Entry Page. the last line is putting document.referrer (The URL they got redirected from) and put it in Virtual1 Virtual1 should have On Exit enabled: On your HTML DataPage, check if Virtual1 parameter is blank, if not, redirect, if it is, do some other code you want. <script> if('[@Virtual1]' != ''){ window.location.href='[@Virtual1]'; } else{ //other code you have } </script> You can hide fields using this or using CSS code.
  14. So, only NEW company will trigger the Triggered Action to insert on the Process Table, right? If so, yes, that can be done with Triggered Action, maybe you just have to set a condition where if it doesn't exist yet, or even count the records with the same company name, if it's more than 0, it will not insert.
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