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  1. crdownload means it's not done downloading yet
  2. Yeah AVG + AVG is different than just the whole AVG. I'm confused, tho, why the for each is needed? This works on mine, but, they do need the Inner Joins, is the for loop a better, and efficient way than joins? I believe each has different effect to performance, but, I'm not aware of which is faster to execute
  3. Does this need to be a dropdown? You can use Calculated value form element maybe? (Select MAX(IDFIELD) FROM TABLENAME) + 1
  4. You can't do that as it requires dynamic setting. A workaround is, if you have an Application Task Feature, create a Date Field to store TimeStamp, create a Formula Field to DateDiff the prod date and TimeStamp Field Set it to run every midnight Then use the formula Field on the criteria instead...if Formula field > 14
  5. Will setting a timeout work? This checks if the BulkUpdate Form exists, and then waits 1000ms to show the alert, you can change the value to your preferred. <script> if(document.getElementById('BulkUpdateForm')){ setTimeout(function(){alert("test"); }, 1000); } </script>
  6. So basically, once you click "Go to Record" It will scroll down to the record in the Reports DataPage? If so, you can do this by adding a <a> in your Results Page, for example in an HTML Block <a href="#" id="[@field:Unique_ID]" ></a> The ID MUST be a unique field. You can't set the display of this to none because it will not work, just don't put any display text Go to you HTML block that stores the description of the Pin, find the div with the ID 'description' and create another <a> whose href is the ID of the first <a>, make sure there's '#' before the Unique Field in the href because that means "id" in HTML. <br/> is for line break
  7. As much as I'd like to, I'm currently tied with another for the meantime. I can suggest posting 'Looking For Developer' or a more specific kind of developer, perhaps, they might see your post. You can also check this one
  8. I see, again, I recommend reading through the post I've provided first, it should be detailed there. Single Record Update Form used EDITRECORDFIELDNAME instead of INSERTRECORDNAME. Since this is a dropdown, we have to use combination of CSS and JavaScript For the Header: You want to set the options that are NOT selected to your desired default color: <style> #EditRecordFIELDNAME >option:not(:checked){ color:black; } </style> For the Footer: <script> document.getElementById("EditRecordFIELDNAME").addEventListener("input", function colors(){ var field = document.getElementById("EditRecordFIELDNAME"); if (field.value == "Test"){ field.style.color = "red"; } else if (field.value == "Test1"){ field.style.color = "green"; } else{ field.style.color = "black"; } }); </script> I've tweaked this a little bit, first line just checks the SPECIFIC Field you're inputting into. 2nd line gets the FIELD you want to check (your dropdown) and places it into the variable 'field' field.value gets the value of the said element. field.style.color changes the text color. Just change the FIELDNAME to your exact field name, the same in the Header
  9. You want ONE record for EACH attendant, correct? If so, everything should be possible, the one with the listbox might be on the more complex side, though. If you multiselect in a listbox, then each name will be separated by a comma (all in one field). You can count the commas (plus one) so you'll get the total number of records selected, and then you can use maybe while loop until number of commas in Triggered Action, get first string up to the first comma, insert it to the table, update #inserted and remove the first name up to comma, and then it will repeat it until nothing is left and everything is inserted. However, there might be a problem since this is a NAME, you have to make sure their names don't have commas so the Trigger will count correct
  10. An Alternative <style> div[style="display: table;"]{ margin-left: auto; margin-right: 0; } </style>
  11. What field is this? Is this a Text Field Form Element? Also, are you using Submission Form? Seems to be correct now, but there can be specific configurations depending on the setup
  12. you're missing the InsertRecord Part as stated in this post InsertRecordFIELDNAME
  13. Maybe it comes up but the z-index is just lower than the modal and you can't see it?
  14. Nothing else. Better put it in the footer, though, as that's more recommended when using scripts (so, it's the last one loaded when a page loads).
  15. Since Caspio uses Web, it needs JavaScript to change contents dynamically. For example, I have a field in Submission Form named Title <script> document.addEventListener("input", function colors(){ var field = document.getElementById("InsertRecordTitle").value; if (field == "test"){ document.getElementById("InsertRecordTitle").style.color = "red"; } if (field == "testss"){ document.getElementById("InsertRecordTitle").style.color = "green"; } }); </script> Here's a quick reference for how to reference caspio fields
  16. Never seen this one, probably an old version. Caspio's RMAs are best deployed in a file/web server instead of site builders since they already have bootstraps and all that.
  17. what's this? where can one find this?
  18. Here's the conversion codes You can also try changing the formatting, should definitely be doable there, however, it's just for display, value would still be the same.,
  19. If you want it to precise to DATE without the time (cause sometimes it conflicts), you can just convert to date instead of datetime.
  20. Can you elaborate? Is this just one field or all fields? You can probably use Criteria and Rules and set the other one to match for blank values and hide it or show it depending on the other field
  21. Alternatively, you can use the following: <style> .cbSearchButtonContainer{ grid-row: 1 !important; grid-column: 5 / span 4 !important; padding-top:30px !important; } </style> row depends on what row you want to put it to. Column depends on the position on the specific row, just play with it, keep the span to 4 padding is just to adjust the specific position in the column and row Sample:
  22. What's your goal here? I have the following : <script> document.addEventListener("DataPageReady", function arrays(){ var arr = [1,2,3,4]; var arrblnk=[]; var val = 2; var position = arr.indexOf(val); for (i=0; i <= position; i++){ arrblnk.push(arr[i]); } }); </script> the array - arr A blank array - arrblnk the value in the array - val position of that value in the array - position for loop will go through each value until the position, and then 'push' insert the values in the blank array up until the said value
  23. You can check this out I suggest going through their webinar training, as well, as this should easily be covered as this is like one of the simplest workflow you can do with Caspio https://www.caspio.com/training/
  24. Try this, basically check if the email exists in the email column of the other table, WHERE (email column of that table is equal to email column of #inserted)
  25. I see, then you can use my previous message, the PARENT for Size is TOOL, PARENT for Description is SIZE
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