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  1. Hi @SuperNam, this is possible but it is easy to miss. In your "Chart Wizard - Configure Chart Options" there is an option for "Enable chart actions menu". This will give you options for the chart to be printed or download as jpeg, png, and svg. There will be a tab on the upper right corner of your DataPage. - Natoy
  2. Hi Everyone, you may find their HowTo Documentation regarding function references that can be used helpful. You may check it here.
  3. Hi Everyone, you may want to check their functions to know what type that can be most useful. You can check it here for more information. - Natoy
  4. Hi @Flowers4Algernon, That's a nice workaround! I just want to share that if you are going to use a lookup table instead of the custom values, you can enter another field in your table with no values and use it for display and it will also hide the labels. -Natoy
  5. Hi Everyone, just to add information regarding the topic. You can check more information about views here and also you can check here for the logical operators in the criteria. - Natoy
  6. Hi Everyone, just to add information, not all accounts can integrate with Zapier. You may check here to check on where it is available. - Natoy
  7. Hi Everyone, you can check more information about app parameters here. - Natoy
  8. Hi Everyone, just to add more information regarding the topic, you may want to check here for more information about authentications and here for record level security. - Natoy
  9. Hi Everyone, just to add information regarding the trigger. You may want to watch there introduction here to have a initial thought on what triggers can do and also check there documentation here. -Natoy.
  10. Hi @Sam23, If you have a field called "tid", you can just check the field name for it and pass that instead. for example: [@field:tid]. If you have set it for the beginning such as tid=[@field], then it is the parameter name that you have set. This will be passed as a query string. You can check more information about it here. -Natoy
  11. Hi Everyone, just to add information. As the application is already imported to your account, you can use the deployed URL instead for a basic look instead the zip file. You might want to try filezilla to have a further look. -Natoy
  12. Hi Everyone, sometimes it is easy to miss on what comparison type that you should use for your preferred search. You can learn more information on their HowTo Documentation, you can check it here. -Natoy
  13. Just an add on for this, you can also refer here for reference on the CSS and here for using the styles.
  14. Hi @SuperNam, You will need CSS for this, you can add a Header and Footer on your DataPage and insert this code in the header. <style>.cbFormMultiSelect > div >div{overflow-y:visible !important;}#MultiSelectBox{max-height:500px !important;height:500px !important;}</style> You can just adjust the height. -Natoy
  15. Hi Everyone. You can also check this forum, I think it may be related to the topic -Natoy
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