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  1. Hello everyone, this documentation may be of help regarding automatically refreshing the datapage. https://howto.caspio.com/faq/reports-datapages/how-to-auto-refresh-a-page/ - Natoy
  2. Hi everyone! To know more regarding the replace function, you can check their documentation here. - Natoy
  3. Hello Every one, you can also check this link for more information regarding the aggregations. https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/advanced-reporting/totals-and-aggregations/ - Natoy
  4. Hello Everyone, just to add information. As mentioned above you can create another DataPage and use an href on where you will insert its deployment code with parameters as a query string. You may refer to their documentation here. - Natoy
  5. Hi everyone, they also have a documentation that you can refer to. You can check it here. -Natoy
  6. That's great. They also have a Documentation for triggers. You can check it here.
  7. Hi @SuperNam, I have here a trigger you can insert to your table that has the checkbox. This will update your table with the status to complete when all of the checkbox related to the id has been checked. I hope this helps! - Natoy
  8. Hi @SuperNam, this is doable if you are going to use a trigger. You will need to have a trigger that runs on update and select the "Send Email". You need it to select the inserted data and join it in the table. You can have a concatenation field for the message and insert a Case When where if the previous values is not equal to the inserted value, show the inserted value. Here is a sample that you can check. You can also refer to this link for reference. -Natoy
  9. Hi @SuperNam, this is possible but it is easy to miss. In your "Chart Wizard - Configure Chart Options" there is an option for "Enable chart actions menu". This will give you options for the chart to be printed or download as jpeg, png, and svg. There will be a tab on the upper right corner of your DataPage. - Natoy
  10. Hi Everyone, you may find their HowTo Documentation regarding function references that can be used helpful. You may check it here.
  11. Hi Everyone, you may want to check their functions to know what type that can be most useful. You can check it here for more information. - Natoy
  12. Hi @Flowers4Algernon, That's a nice workaround! I just want to share that if you are going to use a lookup table instead of the custom values, you can enter another field in your table with no values and use it for display and it will also hide the labels. -Natoy
  13. Hi Everyone, just to add information regarding the topic. You can check more information about views here and also you can check here for the logical operators in the criteria. - Natoy
  14. Hi Everyone, just to add information, not all accounts can integrate with Zapier. You may check here to check on where it is available. - Natoy
  15. Hi Everyone, you can check more information about app parameters here. - Natoy
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