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  1. Wow!! Thank you so much!! I'll try this out, I wasn't really keen on implementing this feature, but, since there is a solution, I'll do it now :D
  2. Thank! I'll try this, but, what if I use auto submit as well? I'm trying to use HTML to Caspio I'm sorry I forgot to include it in the post.
  3. Hi, I'm testing a workflow where I'm redirecting a user if the Authentication Fails. It seems that Failure message does not work with scripts, and I'm trying out on the Footer. I can see that this element shows up whenever the error appears I don't know how to implement this with the script, though, are there any ideas?
  4. I'm trying to put List-String in my HTML block but it's displaying as comma separated instead of a list type, how can I make it look like when it's a field set to Display Only?
  5. I want to display an image beside my form, can I do this? Something like this?
  6. I'm checking to see how to force a field to only accept numbers and put up and down arrows, as well. Caspio only seems to have Text Field, and while setting DataType to number makes the submission display an error, I still want to restrict it and put arrows so there won't be any mistake happening the first time. Something like this
  7. It would, unfortunately. You may use Inline Insert of Reports DataPage (most probably Tabular), you can filter it with the ID of the request, and receive the ID in the field of Inline Insert, so every insert will be connected to that ID. Or you can try Triggers
  8. Can you elaborate on this? Pick a file? From their system? and what do you want the data to look like after submission? Are you only using 1 table? do you have clearer steps of your workflow? It's kinda hard for me to visualize.
  9. I tried this, and it is definitely because you are using #inserted as Destination and source. Maybe create a table variable and store the initial #inserted table there so you won't select from a table that's being constantly modified through the loop, or create another table altogether, that's where it conflicts.
  10. Why not Caspio themselves? They have developers you can consult your project with. They have this page, but, not sure if this works https://www.caspio.com/services/project-consultation/
  11. What IS your workflow? Why do you want this QR in a Submission Page? What do you want to do with the QR code? After scanning what does it do, literally just display the information? Why in a Submission Form Then?
  12. Oh nevermind, I think I got it, <script> document.onchange = function() { var dropdown1 = document.getElementById('InsertRecordTitle'); var dropdown1val = document.getElementById('InsertRecordTitle').value; var dropdown2 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDescription"); var dropdown2val = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDescription").value; var dropdown3 = document.getElementById("InsertRecordTEXT"); var dropdown3val = document.getElementById("InsertRecordTEXT").value; for (var i=1; i<dropdown3.length; i++) { if (dropdown3.options[i].value == dropdown1val || dropdown3.options[i].value == dropdown2val){ dropdown3.options[i].style.display = "none"; } else {dropdown3.options[i].style.display = "block";} } for (var i=1; i<dropdown2.length; i++) { if (dropdown2.options[i].value == dropdown1val || dropdown2.options[i].value == dropdown3val){ dropdown2.options[i].style.display = "none"; } else {dropdown2.options[i].style.display = "block";} } for (var i=1; i<dropdown1.length; i++) { if (dropdown1.options[i].value == dropdown2val || dropdown1.options[i].value == dropdown3val ){ dropdown1.options[i].style.display = "none"; } else {dropdown1.options[i].style.display = "block";} } }; </script> I just created another variable for the 3rd dropdown and set the if conditions with OR '||' so it will check the values of the 2 other dropdowns
  13. Hi @TellMeWhy, I apologize for the late reply, and thank you for this script! It's working for me now, however, if you have time, how will this look like if say I have three dropdowns instead?
  14. I am passing Parameters through Query String, but it's getting cut off! I am passing multiple fields, maybe 8 of them, including a description. Is it because it's too long? What else can I use then? I'm using an HTML Block on Details of Reports DataPage and when I click on the link, I want to pass the parameters to a Submission Form.
  15. I can't give you an exact code, but I can give you a suggestion, I guess? That's kind of complicated for two field validation. If you may, can you just use a Submission Form instead of Inline Insert? You can put the link on the header of your Reports DataPage and use a pop-up window. JavaScript Validation would be much easier to implement on a Submission Form, or you can even use Rules or Calculated Fields to check the field. Let's say you have Field 1 - you can then create a Virtual Field > set it to Calculated Value > check the value of Field 1 (i.e. CASE WHEN Field1 < 0 THEN "Invalid" ELSE "OK" END Then on your Field 2 - created another Virtual Field > set to Calculated Value > check the value of Field 2, you can even insert Field 1 here (i.e. CASE WHEN FIELD1 < 100 AND AGENTID = 0 THEN "INVALID" ELSE "Good" END Then on your JS code, just listen to the whole document like - document.addEventListener("change", function(e) - then, inside, if one of the calculated values is not "OK" prevent the form to submit - preventDefault(); Again, this is just a workaround I thought of, you can easily disregard if you really want to go the inline insert route
  16. Are you creating a short quiz/test ? Generally, for quiz form, you will have to create one field in your table for each question so you may store the answer individually. If you have 10 questions, that will translate to 10 fields in a table (i.e question1-10) Then on your form, you can use Text Fields or Radio Buttons depending on what type of test it is. I will not recommend multiple answers in one question (i.e. A, B) as that you may encounter issues. What you can do for that is use one option (i.e. D.) Both A and B)) If you want to reveal their test results after they submit, you can do so using a Details Page DataPage. Using Calculated Values you can set that if it's not the correct answer, it will show 'incorrect' . For Calculated Values, you may check this HowTo Article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/calculated-values/ and for the conditional formula you may refer to the Case Function under MISCELLANEOUS FUNCTIONS AND EXPRESSIONS section of this How to Article: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/
  17. Thank you for the super quick response!! I'll now be able to play with this more now that I know those things!
  18. Thank you! I was able to find it now! My problem now is how to change the icons, is this in CSS page?
  19. Hi, I'm testing out Caspio's Knowledge Base Application. I have the HTML Files, but I can't find the Navigation Menu code so I can change, and play with it? I've checked each HTML Files and it's not there? Where do I find this?
  20. Hi, as the title suggests. I have two dropdowns on my DataPage with the same Lookup Table. If an option is already selected on the first dropdown, I want to remove that option on the second dropdown so the user can't select the same option on both dropdowns. Does anyone know if this is simple enough to do in Caspio? Thanks!
  21. As the title suggests. My Reports DataPage Displays the signature fields properly when it's not authenticated, but, when I set one up, the signature fields disappears, not even the white background can be seen, it's just blank on those column, anyone has any experience with this?
  22. Hi, is there any way to stop this importing as this is taking too long, and I want to try again.
  23. For anyone that might be confused with Char(10), I'd like to add that 'Char(10)' is a character represented by ASCII Code 10, which is a Line Feed, it's basically a new line. More info:https://stackoverflow.com/a/7647983
  24. Thank you! this worked! Is there any documentation or HowTo Article about this?
  25. I want to add a details page link to my map mashup pin description. Is there an instruction on how to do this?
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