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  1. Hi QueenB, Please consider using Google Translate Button widget. Check the guide at w3school: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_google_translate.asp The details on usage of this widget are in this Google Developers' Blog post: https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2020/05/google-translates-website-translator It might worth sing-up your subdomain in the form by the link in the article, as it is required by Google. I have put the JS code in the Footer of Form, Report and HTML DataPage and it works as expected. All the DataPage text content is being translated to the language chosen in the widget. Regards,
  2. Is it possible to dynamically change the currency sign in my DataPage based on which user is logged in? For example, if the user is from Europe, i want all the currency signs to be '€', but if he is from USA, I want all currency signs in the DataPage to be '$'. I already tried it in Localizations, and there are no options to do that, and I don't want to make separate DataPages for EU and USA users. thank you in advance!
  3. Thanks a lot, KlisaN137! This worked for my app. Have you any idea if it is possible to change the navbar orientation from horizontal to vertical?
  4. How can I hide some links in navigation menu (I was using App Parameters for this), and also in datapage based on authentication? If the user is not flagged as administrator, I don't want to show all options that administrator has. I don't want to make two separate datapages for both regular users and administrators, can it be done in one datapage? Would appreciate your suggestions.
  5. Hello Vivek, To adjust the colors of chart proceed to Edit style in Styles menu for your app. Please see a screenshot attached. Select the 'Charts' on the left tab and scroll for 'Values' element type on the Settings tab to the right. Click and configure Chart Color Options. Apply changes by pressing Save button. Reload the chart to check new color scheme. Regards, Simon
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