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  1. CBaker10 - Did yo ever solve this conundrum? If so how
  2. CooperBackpack this looks like a good possible solution to me. So, when the Ops team adds a guide to a tour a trigger can add the guide to the 'Distinct_Guide-Id'; Gets a bit complex when the Ops team removes or changes a guide allocated on a tour, especially when the guide has been scheduled say 3 times on the tour and the ops team wants to change one of those occasions for a different guide. Appreciate the thought starter any more Ideas will be very welcome Thank you.
  3. I want to create a simple list report, however data selection is giving me a headache Scenario - 1) We have tours and guides (separate tables) 2) A guide may work on several occasions on a tour 3) I want the list report to show details of the guides attending a selected tour (easy so far!) 4) On my list report of guide's details I only want guides to appear if they work on the selected tour and only appear once regardless of how many times they work on that tour, but just cant get this to work; I wind up with the guide details for the same guide appearing many times, Tour Table Tour_Id, Date, Guide_Id, Other_related_tour_ info Guide Table Guide_id, Guide_Name , Guide_email, Guide_image_Id, Etc Seems stupidly simple, but turns out to be very tricky Your comments/suggestions received with thanks PS. I am only a very basic user and can't write (or understand) script) Thanks
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