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  1. I have some specific fields and want to keep in separate tables. How can I create ine to one relationships between the two tables? Thanks
  2. All my records in fields 1 will never change but I want them to show every time I use the submission form or the single record update . How can I do this?
  3. Thanks I want to carry the number in field 4 of row 1 (this field is called ending balance) to field 1 row 2 which is called beginning Balance so i can continue with my calculations on row 2 Then I want to carry the number in field 4 row 2 to field 1 row 2 and so on. My ending balance in one row (record) is my beginning balance in the next row (records)
  4. The number in field 4 of row 1 is the same number than the one in field 1 row 2. How can I automate this?
  5. I am still looking for a solution. I have a table and field 3 row 1 (call it ending balance) is is the addition of two fields in that row. That ending balance needs to go in field 1 row 2 which is called beginning balance of the same table How can i make this happen without me having to type it in. Thanks
  6. I was starting to get excited because after researching Caspio I found a way to create exactly what I was looking for; then I found the limitation that Caspio Bridge allows up to 50 Calculated fields in Results/Details Pages and I need more than that. What is the chance for this to change and allow more calculated fields maybe 400 or 500 in the Results/Details Pages? Thanks
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