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  1. Hi @ParkLoey, I can't find the reference anymore, but I got this answer from somebody: E.g. you have employee master table which contains master information of all employees like Employee Code, Employee name, Employee Date of Birth etc whereas detail table contains detail information of those employees like every month's salary information and i.e. one to many relationship. Whereas domain table contains constant information like all states/ zip code of a Country. Does that mean anything to you?
  2. Hi @sandy159, Unfortunately you mixed up ceckin.no and chekin.com which are two different application with very similar names. Therefor your answer doesn't help, since CheKin.com is not (yet) part of Zapier. Does anybody have any experience with integrating CheKin.com in Caspio? Thanks!!
  3. Hi @sandy159, Thank you for your response! The links were definitely helpful, but my question remains: What is the difference between Master, Detail and Domain tables and when do you use which one? Please help :-)
  4. Hi there, In our app there will be a text displayed which has to be read thoroughly. In order to do this, users can safe and return. To make it even easier for them, I would like to add a function that MEMORISES up to which point the user has been reading , when he saves to return later. The application should REMEMBER up to which line in the text he has been reading. WHICH Caspio tool can provide this service? Is there a way to integrate this? Thanks everybody!
  5. Hi everybody, I have read everything about the 3 different types of Caspio tables; Master, Detail and Domain, but I still find it very hard to explain others the difference and when to use which. Does somebody have a simpel explanation when to use which tables type?
  6. Hi, I'm trying to make the life of my IT expert easier by collecting and organising the data before asking him to build the application. I have build a - rather confusing because large - mind map. Therefor, in addition, I tried to make a wire-framing in power point. Now how does the expert collect his information before building his customers application? Which are your programs, schemes? WHAT data is necessary for you? Please help!
  7. Hello everybody, Has anybody ever tried to integrate CheKin in Caspio? Can you share your experiences?
  8. Hello everybody, Has anybody ever tried to integrate CheKin in Caspio? Can you share your experiences?
  9. Hello everybody, Has anybody ever tried to integrate CheKin in Caspio? Can you share your experiences?
  10. Hey @TellMeWhy thank you for your answer! If you say "Data fields are fields that store data", this could either mean: any field including non-interactive like a logo where you can click on but no action is triggered or it could mean any field where the user has the option to enter data (by clicking, writing, checking etc.). I guess you mean the second, which means that every text on this website here is data fields because everything is interactive!? From a front-end point of view here a screenshot of a website: the five headline above are data fields because they are interactive and the text below is not because it is static? Or aren't the headlines data fields because the user cannot introduce data?
  11. Hi there, I know it is a questions for "Caspio for dummies" but I need to know the following: Is each field in the application with text a data field (including logos, company name of the app provider, Headline and so on)? Or does the name 'data field' only refer to SMART, INTERACTIVE fields that a customer can press in the app?
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