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  1. Can anyone confirm if it is or is not possible to perform a calculation on a virtual field? For example, I have a Number Field that is set to Calculate based on a virtual field. The Number Field equals [@cbparamvirtual3]/100 When I check verify, it accepts the calculation. However, when I try to submit the form via the datapage, it throws an error that invalid data exists in a field. If I remove the /100, it works fine. Any thoughts here? Thank you in advance
  2. @MeekeeeI did speak with support. Unfortunately, they weren't able to help much. Sounds l like we need to check every field one by one (there are a ton of them). Wish there was a feature or tool to identify the issue.
  3. I am getting a form submission error: "Values in one or more fields are invalid." I have a ton of fields on the datapage and have double checked them but still can't seem to find which one is causing the issue. Any tools or methods that you may be aware of to troubleshoot and pinpoint which field is causing the issue? Unfortunately, Caspio does not have a native feature that flags the field. Thank you in advance!
  4. Is anyone else experiencing a bug or issue where all users for Caspio Bridge right now are site performance issues in Caspio Bridge? Meaning no objects will load. This is happening for all of our user accounts except for the Account Owner. We have been speaking with support for over a week now and it is still not resolved. They said they might have a "work around" on Friday (2 weeks without a resolution). This is very concerning. Any one else experiencing the same issue?
  5. Hello, We have an app built using the GROW plan. We have set up email notifications to be sent out when a status updates on a datapage. Unfortunately, the email notifications are being blocked due to the strict email security settings of the company; as a result users are not receiving them. Since the company is very large and it would be difficult for us to get the whitelisting/adding SPF and TXT records, we are trying to come up with alternative methods. Does any one have any ideas that are cost effective and easy to implement for sending email notifications? Maybe use the API instead to trigger these with another source. Thank you
  6. We are generating PDFs using Caspio. So once a datapage is submitted, users can navigate to the reports page see the submitted data. The user can then click a link that says 'PDF' which maps the data to a custom PDF. For example, we created a web form using caspio that is an Invoice. Once a new form is completed and submitted, a user can then navigate to the reports page and download the invoice as a PDF to send to vendors. Is it possible to automate the generation of the PDF so that we can hit the API and grab both the PDF and data for that submission? Caspio at first said it was not possible because we do not have access to the server where we could pick up the PDF locally. However, Caspio then came back and said it was possible (was told this via email) but they never explain how we could accomplish it. Has any one done this? Any ideas on how to accomplish it...?
  7. The price of records in Caspio becomes very cost prohibitive when getting into large volume counts. For example, we want to do a product catalogue that contains 48M records. Instead of purchasing additional records from Caspio, is there a way to integrate with a Sql database. The desired functionality would involve a user navigating to a Caspio web form and selecting from a drop down list a product. That drop down list would be tied to the Sql database instead of a table in Caspio. Any thoughts or recommendations on this?
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