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  1. My app has a “Settings” Data Page which first lets the user select one or more states from a multiselect list box, and then one or more cities from a multiselect cascading list box showing only cities in the selected state/s. The selected state/s and cities are exported as parameters on exit and used by other Data Pages. When Settings are opened, previously selected states are pre-loaded. The process works perfectly, except that cities cannot be set to preload - presumably because its list box is cascading (and that of course makes sense). My problem is that the app makes continual use of the Settings Data Page in an iterative way to add or delete a single city while maintaining many previously-set cities – so not having the text box pre-loaded is a problem. Any JavaScript or other solution that I can be pointed to would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. The solution turns out to be that there is generated code via the tool that needs to be inserted in each header of each target view in which you want the map shown (search, table or detail). The instructions indicated (to me at least) that the code was only to be used with embed deployment and not link deployment which I'm using. I suggested to Caspio (ticket) support -- who responded very quickly -- that the instructions might need to be clarified a bit. Hope this helps future viewers of the message.
  3. I know this works when the data-page is deployed with full website embeds - but I have tried all sorts of ways to do it when I am deploying thru only data-page links. If it can, are there any sources of help beyond Ned's great video, the map-configuration tool or the developer's guide - all of which seem not to be able to help me. The map is displaying perfectly, and there is a column header in place, but the column itself has no entries for the clickable links. Here is the code I have in my HTML block (which follows all fields); RecID is my unique key in the table. Ajax is disabled and number formatting for latitude and longitude has been set) <span id="MapItLink:[@field:RecID]:[@cbAppKey]"></span> <div id="Address:[@field:PK_ID]:[@cbAppKey]" style="display:none;">[@field:State], [@field:City]</div> <div id="Description:[@field:PK_ID]:[@cbAppKey]" style="display:none;">[@field:Persona]</div> <div id="Latitude:[@field:PK_ID]:[@cbAppKey]" style="display:none;">[@field:Latitude#]</div> <div id="Longitude:[@field:PK_ID]:[@cbAppKey]" style="display:none;">[@field:Longitude#]</div> <script type="text/javascript"> try{ mapEnvironment.AddDpItemMapSettings('[@cbAppKey]', '[@field:PK_ID]'); } catch(e){ } </script> Any help would be really appreciated.
  4. Thanks Barbie - for the gift that keeps on giving!
  5. I'd appreciate confirmation on two things related to a search form multi-select field filled by a parameter: (1) it cannot accept values greater than 255 chars; and (2) it will not work if hidden. If true, any known work-arounds? Thanks very much.
  6. I inadvertently deleted the Physicians app automatically installed when I created my account. How would I locate it and reinstall it. Thanks.
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