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  1. We are looking for an api that will behave with Caspio to validate Emails when our users register. We have successfully gotten dbounce to work, however the validation 'check' renders above the header on our datapage and we cannot move it to elsewhere in the page no matter what we try. Can someone help with this or, reccomend an api that behaves better with Caspio? easiest/cheapest/best etc../fastest thanks
  2. we are trying to figure out if Caspio is an option for us and need to capture barcode values into a web based Caspio form.? Currently we are using jotform to capture that data which works fine, but we need to manipulate that data, which is a shortfall we have in jotform. how would we use Caspio to capture the information off of barcodes using the native scanners in cell phones mobile devices. thanks
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