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  1. As I've been building a prototype application, I originally created 3 different tables for the 3 kinds of users (people) in my app, but now I'm thinking that was a bad idea and it would make more sense to just have a single table of all people but have a column for their "Role" which I would leverage for what level of access they will have to datapages, etc. To give a little more context, I currently have 3 tables: School leaders (with profile fields that are pertinent to them) Consultants (with profile fields that are specific to them) Staff (internal staff who will ne
  2. This did mostly work. It was important that when exporting the DataPage, I do a 'Custom Export' and use "DataPage Only" as the export option so that the future import doesn't wipe out my table structure, etc.
  3. I just had a thought for my own question... In case others run into this, my thought is to export my app (without any data) before doing a data import; then switch my column datatypes as needed; do my data import; switch the column datatypes back; then import the app back into Caspio so that my datapage is back to normal.
  4. I'm building a robust search interface via Caspio for data that I need to routinely import from Excel into Caspio. The app features a single table, and we won't be updating this data within Caspio. I need to routinely re-import the data (weekly), so the problem involves having to convert the TEXT(255) columns into "List - String" datatype columns. I know that when I want to import a fresh set of data into Caspio, I can switch the List-String columns back to TEXT(255); do my import; then convert those columns back to List-String so that I have the functionality I need. Unfortunately,
  5. I found this thread while exploring potential web platforms for a Caspio project. Webflow definitely looks like a cool CMS, but I'm disappointed that the free trial account doesn't let you have access to the "embed code" feature, thus you can't test the deployment of any Caspio datapages. :-/
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