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  1. Hi, I am building a CASPIO app accessible via a wordpress hosted website. I would like to rely on CASPIO for the Authentication. I have followed the tutorial but I am having trouble setting up the login process. The connection to Caspio public data works well but the display of authenticated page fails. Basically, the Caspio login form does not show up and any page with a Caspio restricted datapage fail to load. Been there for 3 hours now. I am sure it's a simple stupid thing but can not understand. :'( The tutorial I followed : I installed the CASPIO DEPLOYMENT PLUGIN - OK What works : * The registration page does work and I can create a user (see below) * However the login widget and the profile page dont work. Basically it seems that Wordpress reacts weirdly to CASPIO login form. Below the http logs of the issue - the request is well sent and received by CASPIO, but once wordpress receive the login form from CASPIO, something happen that I dont understand (reline) Am I the only one with this (basic) issue ? Best
  2. Hi, I am building an accounting app and I would like to have 2 separate tables in Caspio : 1. Book Entry table : Table in which I store all the accounting entries of the users 2. Aggregate Table : Table in which I will find some aggregates computed from the first table (eg. Sum(revenue) for each month) I want the second table to be a table and not a datapage as I want to store it and interact with it using APIs. What would be the best way to achieve this as formula in one table can not refer to another one ? Thanks !!!
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