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  1. Hi! Just to add on this, I have found a documentation containing the list of URL encoded characters that you can use as a reference: URL Encoded Characters (degraeve.com)
  2. Hello @pmcfarlain, This forum thread might help you to achieve that:
  3. Hi @scribblemilk, you might want to try this workaround that I discover. First, create a Tabular DataPage and choose your data source. Filter the report using your Date field and set the comparison type to 'Before Now'. Then, choose the fields for your Results page and paste this script to your Footer. This script will automatically redirect you to details page where you can edit the last submitted record. <script> var bulkEditSubmit = document.querySelector('.cbResultSetActionsLinks[data-cb-name=DetailsLink]'); console.log(bulkEditSubmit); setTimeout( () => { bulkEditSubmit.click(); }); </script> Choose your Date field and sort it in descending order. Set the records per page into 1 only. Lastly, enable the Details page and configure the fields you want to be editable. Also, you have the option to disable the navigation to the next or previous records. Here is a sample DataPage I made: https://c0hcv332.caspio.com/dp/3b43900055adaba2de354b22ad43 I hope this helps!
  4. This article might help as well: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/advanced-reporting/calculations-in-forms-and-reports/
  5. You need to enclose the Yes and No with single quotes since they are string. For example: CASE WHEN [@field:Sample] = 'DROPSHIP' THEN 'Yes' ELSE 'No' END
  6. You can use radio buttons for the 'Time Spent on Activity' rating but I believe it cannot be inserted in an HTML block.
  7. It is stated under this documentation under the 'Pre-requisites' https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/tech-parameters/how-to-create-a-one-to-many-relational-datapage/
  8. I guess it is because of the related field set as unique. They should not be unique so you can enable the referential integrity.
  9. Hello! Just to add. Caspio has a new documentation regarding reversing the sort order in charts.
  10. Hello @DDLiving, You may refer to this screenshot to achieve that.
  11. Hello! This comment is similar to your inquiry and might help you I guess.
  12. GoodBoy


    Hello! These articles might help you as well. - https://www.caspio.com/caspio-recognized-amazon-web-services-partner-network-advanced-technology-partner/ - https://www.caspio.com/caspio-expands-its-platform-as-a-service-to-meet-global-market-demands-utilizing-amazon-web-services/
  13. GoodBoy

    parameter scope

    You may add cbResetParam=1 at the end of your URL.
  14. Hi, This is a sample configuration to achieve that in a Results page. Same process can be applied to Details page as well.
  15. One more thing, I also checked the 'Read Data' for the data source (table or view) I am using for my DataPage.
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