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  1. Can we insert a new favicon in DataPages? Thank you!
  2. eunha

    Page Break By Group

    Thank you for all the suggestions @GoodBoy& @RuisiHansamu!
  3. Hello. Is it possible to page break by group when downloading my Report DataPage as PDF? Thanks.
  4. Just to add on this, I believe there is a message as well displayed below our navigation bar in Caspio Bridge if there will be an upcoming maintenance in our sites.
  5. Hello! I'm trying to set my formula field (concatenating two strings) as a lookup values for my list-string field, however, it seems that the formula field is missing in the dropdown options. Is that possible?
  6. Yey! This worked, Thank you!
  7. Hello ~ I'm trying to send an email via task and its contents are table records by using a table variable. The email in Outlook has borders and arranged neatly, however, the email in Gmail is not pleasing to the eyes as it is not properly displayed and has no borders. Please see the image below. Any advice or tricks on how to insert a border and make them properly aligned?
  8. You may check if there are ID records from your related table that are not present from your parent table. All referenced child records should be present on your parent table to enable the referential integrity.
  9. Hello! I enabled the Text Area's rich text toolbar on my submission form so that my users can format their entered text. However, the HTML tags are also displayed on my results page. How can I remove that while the text is still formatted? Is there any setting that I've missed to configure on my DataPage?
  10. Thank you for this workaround! I can now display the value of my text area without getting cut off. Such a great help!
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