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  1. sorry, i have figured this by using the date add function in formula dateadd(Month, [@durationfield], [@Dateadded])
  2. Further to my previous post,. im setting up calibration table, I would like the calibration expiry day to be automatically calculated by a determine amount of months in the table. I first thought that a easy formula would resolve the issue but can't seem to find any info on online help relating to dates apart from "datediff" any help would be greatly accepted. once i have figured this out,. i will be haveing the duration pulled from another database which will have the allocated months per item type. but will worry abou that another day. PS please be aware i am currenlty using free version so some parts may not be avaialbel to eme
  3. Thank you for this,. it will be a great work around and keep everything in one place for now,
  4. Thank you both,. Frustrantly & annoyingly I'm only running the free version at the moment, as initially it was a way for me to be able to create a database online for the company i work for and for other people to view the information and add info. im going to look into the costings and put it forward because the database is ever expanding as well so wouldn't want the "data" become dormant because i can't expand.
  5. Good Morning, I am after advise on if something i want to do is possible. I have been tasked to start looking after our inspection & Calibration records and ensure they don't lapse, I was wondering weather it is possible for me to build a table which will have an expiration date on it,. and then have it email me and/or my manager a montth prior to it expiring so we are able to get them recalibrated. hope this makes sense and is possible thanks chris
  6. Hi, I am currently exploring Caspio for my works asset management with also a view to increase to course logging for employees I have created 3 tables already - Assets, employees & Certifcates, so first question is,. i have images of all the assets, is it possible to attach them to the assets table. how i do i create a drop down list of employess to assign the certificate/asset to if needed?
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