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  1. I found it, and indeed , this was the root cause. The solution is pretty obvious, though not clearly documented in the Caspio guidance (I am not a developer): I defined two triggered actions: one for inserting data into the table and on for updating the table. Both can be used at the same time. Caspio has a lot of secrets, and I try to find out step by step. Thanks for helping me taking this extra step Johan
  2. Thanks Barbie I was wonder if database related SQL functions can be used such as INSERT INTO or UPDATE ... ALso, where can those database functions be used in Caspio ? Johan
  3. Meekeee, I want to set up a SQL statement to update an external table with information from the current record such as INSERT INTO ... VALUES... Is this possible ? And how/where should I do this ?
  4. The triggered action in the Assessment file (ref. below PRTSCR 1) should update the 'ResultTable' with five records with data from the current record on #inserted. The first record to be inserted however is created but not filled with data. The four last records are correctly created with correct data. (ref below PRTSCR 2) The entry of records in the Assessment file is based on one Submission form and 12 subsequent Single Record Update forms. Records 2 to 5 in the new table are based on data in the Submission form. Record 1 in the new table is based on data from different Sing
  5. Thanks Nuke354, it works now ! I also ommitted the IsNull function because the fileds are required fields. Kind regards Johan
  6. I tried to solve this with an SQL statement in a calculated field. However, I had another problem with my SQL statement (see other post on SQL statement)...
  7. I have encountered the following issue when using SQL statements in a Calculated Value in a DataPage: I want to calculate average scores in a database based on the values in specific fields in the same record. These fields function as filters. Example of record: Company_Name Company_Size_Employees Company_Revenues Score Context_AVG_Employees Context_AVG_Revenues ABC Inc. <100 < 50
  8. Hi there I have a table with formula DataType. I want to transfer the result of the formula to another Table via a Triggered Action -> This is not working. So I was wondering if there is a sequence to be respected and if I should perform the formula calulation also in the triggered action ? Thanks for helping me out on this. Johan
  9. I have a data table with student grades (0-10) for math, for science, etc. When entering a new record for a student, I would like to compare the new score with the average of the entire student database, let's say for math, and then for science, ... Next I want to write the average score of each field into the current record for comparison. I thought that Triggered Actions would do, but don't know how to go forward with this. Any help ? Thanks!
  10. Thanks a lot for your replies kpcollier ! I'll check it out. Kind regards Johan
  11. Thanks for your comprehensive feedback ! Still some questions though: 1. In localisations> Paging : there are "previous" and "next" defined. Are these buttons or is this something else ? 2. In your answer you wrote: a. Step 1 page: The first step must be a submission form. In the DataPage Wizard on the last page (Destination and Messaging), set Destination After Submit to 'Go to a new page'. Put the URL of the next step's dd datapage here. -> I jut want to go to another datapage. Can't I just give the name of the da
  12. Hi there, I am trying to make a benchmark chart where the current record within a dataset is compared to the dataset average. THere is no problem getting the current datarecord fields, however, they cannot be included in the chart: the chart functionality does not allow to select current record data, only average, sum, min, max, etc. Anyone done this before ? Thanks
  13. Where should I put this script . I am no programmer ... In the styles, ... ?
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