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  1. thank you, @TellMeWhy. that worked like a champ. and thank you, @CoopperBackpacki got the jquery version to work, but i like your / direct native approach and will likely use it elsewhere.
  2. @NiceDuck interesting tidbit (at least to me): one cannot call a virtual field with a calculated value to the header. one CAN, however, pull a calculated field to the header.
  3. i have a flow of registration forms with an 'exit' url on each page, which allows the users to exit before the full registration is complete. before following the click URL, i want an 'are you sure' confirmation message to be displayed to the user. if 'yes' then the click URL would be loaded; if 'no' then nothing would happen. i have the following html/jquery code in the footer of forms that are part of the registration process: <a class="exits" href="https://c1dcs255.caspio.com/dp/0db19000a392125dc37d41b6a8ab">exit</a> <script type="text/javascript"> $(
  4. changes to authentication field values do not update until the session is ended and then re-started.
  5. the answer is this: in rules for datapages based on virtual calculated field queries of Yes/No variables, the values are Y and N.
  6. @Nuke354 i opened a ticket on this one. support figured it out: the values are Y and N. i told them that the handling of Yes/No variables was inconsistent in caspio (e.g. triggers use true/false) and that perhaps an audit was in order.
  7. thank you, @kpcollier that sounds like a far more efficient approach than what tech support just gave me, which was to go to each field in the view and manually un-include it and then re-include it. i told them i hoped they didn't consider that to be resolution, but rather only a temp workaround. i appreciate your taking the time to help me out.
  8. i have changed / added / renamed fields in some tables. i have checked the views which use those tables, and have ensured that the changes are reflected in the view (e.g. ensured that 'include all fields' is checked). however, whenever i use a VIEW for a datapage, the 'datasource' fields that are available for record-level security or for lookup tables in dropdown elements show only the old fields and the old field names. the only way to see the correct fields is to use the table as the datasource, but of course that shouldn't be the case. all this is to say, it seems that dropdown
  9. i figured it out. i was changing the value of a field that was used in the active authentication. that is, it appears that authentication fields do not update unless/until you logout and then re-login. thus, i was getting null values because the field value was null at the time i logged in. i think this is something that needs be addressed. thoughts?
  10. hi, @Nuke354 i have/did try with single quotes and no joy. just to ensure that i had general structure correct, i set a rule to require a field if the CASE statement resolved to zero, which proved that this approach should work. unfortunately, it is the case that the CASE always resolves to zero so that is non-starter. but it does tell me that 'Yes' is wrong. i've tried 'yes' and 'True' and 'true' and True and true and 1 and 0...can't figure it out. instead of querying the view, i am now querying the table directly: SELECT FC FROM test_profile WHERE id=target.[@field:test_profile_id]
  11. my one authentication is built from a view based on a user_ table. when i build a report from that view, all fields present their expected values, that is, they show the values that are in the user_ table. however, when i build an HTML page and select authentication fields for embed (using the 'insert parameter' feature), not all fields present their expected values. for instance: [@authfield: user__first_name] prints out the user's first name on the HTML page and [@authfield: user__last_name] prints out the user's last name on the HTML page and even [@authfield: user__disp
  12. @Nuke354 so the original virtual fields formulas, which work as expected (as indicated in my second visual), use the following formula format: SELECT profile_FC FROM _v_profile_plus WHERE profile_id=target.[@field:test_profile_id] as you can see, these queries return Yes and No values (but whether those are values or aliases, i don't know. whatever they are, the problem is that those calculated values (established by checkbox in another form), aren't being recognized by the rules engine. i have tried checking for 'Yes' 'yes' 1 and 0 and nothing works. i tried creating an addit
  13. (and @Nuke354 i apologize for the slow response, i didn't realize that i wasn't automatically following this post...the answer to this question is very important for me).
  14. hi @Nuke354 i have tried "virutal field 1 is equal to Yes" (or 'yes' or 'true' or 1)....and nothing works.
  15. BLUF: does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a submission form's rules engine read the values from a virtual calculated field? i am using virtual calculated fields in a submission form to query five boolean variables in another table which specifies which of the five fields in the form should be required (this is customizable by the user through a separate form). the queries successfully execute and i am getting expected results (i.e. 'Yes' and 'No' for each of the five variables), which are based on the user's selection of a profile in a dropdown in the same form (e.g. profile
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