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  1. Like many other users, I need to have more robust reporting than what is provided in Caspio.  The PDF files that you can currently generate are not as configurable as I would like for hard copy printouts.  It seems some users are producing HTML pages from their data and then finding tools that will allow them to produce and print a PDF version of the content, but my thought was to just have the user download a CSV file of the data to their local desktop, and then use a third-party reporting tool to consume the CSV file and produce a pixel perfect report that can be printed.  I am wanting a solution that will require minimal interaction from the user.  I am interested in any tools and approaches the community is using to produce better looking reports.  Thanks for any input or guidance.

  2. Thanks for drawing my attention to that setting.  After adjusting the header height, I can prevent the overlap that was occurring.  Now, I'm wondering if there is a way to adjust the width of the columns that are displayed on the report.  I don't expect Caspio to provide a robust PDF reporting tool, but the ability to specify the width of the columns that are reported would sure be helpful.

  3. I am also looking for examples on how to use the web services API.   I have successfully used swagger to view data and make changes to data in my tables, but I'm looking for examples that are specific to the Caspio API.  Specifically, how one codes an HTML page and associated scripts to perform basic operations (create, read, update, and delete) to data contained in Caspio tables.  This tutorial should also include how to request a token and/or properly authenticate so that one can accomplish the desired operations (i.e. creation, reading, updating, deletion) of data.  If I ever figure this out, I'll make and post a video myself.

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