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  1. I want to replace the blank values in a new field with the existing values in a different field Example Field OldJobCode is full for all employees but we are making modifications to how we do job codes to be pulled from a table instead of manually entered. I would like to update the values in the field NewJobCode with what is presently in OldJobCode and one at a time is not viable. I've searched for this and not found a simple way to do this. Thank you
  2. Hello, Two questions, probably dumb but I am still new to CASPIO I am using List String and List Number data types in tables and populating the options from the contents of other tables. This works nicely. What I would like to do is the following with an example. The Employee table field DeptCode is a ListNumber sourced from table Dept. The dropdown on the Employee Creation form shows the list of possible departments which is great, but I would like the dropdown to show the department number (as it does) but also show the department name value for that record in the Dept
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