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  1. Hi @Alexray That is what I hoped would be present however I am logged in as an Admin and only see Properties, Edit and Run Now as options for me. I tried with a different browser and the options appeared. Thanks for your help! Ross
  2. Hello, As part of a cleanup exercise I created a number of tasks to perform what I would normally call update queries. Now that the work is done, I want to delete the unneeded tasks but cannot find out how to do this. Can someone please help? Thank you?
  3. I know how to force case in a Submission form, but I have inherited a bunch of records where this was not done and am seeking a way to read a field in a table and convert the contents to all lower case without a lot of manual work. Any suggestions? Thank you kindly!
  4. Hello, I know how to force field values to lower case when concatenating values from multiple fields to create a new one, such as pulling firstname and lastname to make an email address. Is there a way to do this in an Update Task? Thank you! Ross
  5. I want to replace the blank values in a new field with the existing values in a different field Example Field OldJobCode is full for all employees but we are making modifications to how we do job codes to be pulled from a table instead of manually entered. I would like to update the values in the field NewJobCode with what is presently in OldJobCode and one at a time is not viable. I've searched for this and not found a simple way to do this. Thank you
  6. Hello, Two questions, probably dumb but I am still new to CASPIO I am using List String and List Number data types in tables and populating the options from the contents of other tables. This works nicely. What I would like to do is the following with an example. The Employee table field DeptCode is a ListNumber sourced from table Dept. The dropdown on the Employee Creation form shows the list of possible departments which is great, but I would like the dropdown to show the department number (as it does) but also show the department name value for that record in the Dept table. This will make it easier for creators to pick the correct department. I also have a field in Employee DeptName which is a ListString type also sourced from table Dept. I would like to know how to automatically load the proper department name based on the department number. I need to store them as separate items for reporting but would like to automate the load of department name based on its department number. As a tertiary question, in this scenario, a user can select more than one department number and I would like to make this selection forced to be a single choice. I am sure that I have missed a setting in this regard. Thanks in advance. Ross
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