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  1. Thank you!That's what I'm after. I'm not JS savvy (yet) but will investigate this further.
  2. Thank you, yes, I saw this. As far as I understand, his function however will keep the aspect ratio and will therefore stretch the thumbnail depending on whether the original pic is landscape or portrait.
  3. Hi, we have a staff database with a photo upload field. Are there any solutions to realise a resize and crop function, similar to the photo upload in the contacts app on a Mac? Many thanks, Christian
  4. Hi, I've got a simple form that allows me allocating staff (by name) to a particular room. It's always only one staff member per room. The staff names are in a dropdown list from a separate table. Every time the form is submitted, it is recorded with a timestamp and the results are displayed on a webpage ("Current allocation") When reloading the form, I want the current (last saved allocation displayed, not the default (ie the first name in the list) How do I do this? Many thanks, Christian
  5. Yes, it seems easier to do all the converting and reformatting in excel. Many thanks!
  6. Hi, I've got an old database application that recorded staff roles by date. For each month of a staff member's employment, a role was recorded as well as the date as YYYY-MM. This is what the data looks like: Lastname Position Start Date Homer CEO 2010-07 Homer CEO 2010-06 Homer COO 2010-05 Homer COO 2010-04 Homer COO 2010-03 Homer CFO 2010-02 In the new CASPIO application, roles are recorded with a start and end date. What is the easiest way to transform the old format to the new one and consolidate so that it looks like the table below? Lastname Position Start Date End Date Homer CEO 01.06.2010 31.07.2010 Homer COO 01.03.2010 31.05.2010 Homer CFO 01.02.2010 28.02.2010 Many thanks, Christian
  7. Hi, I've got a problem which I think might be simple to solve but I just can't figure out how to do it. I might be looking fro the wrong terms (not yet familiar with the database lingo) I have a table (table_staff) with staff member details such as last name, email and phone number. I need a way to record employment start and end dates as well as the job role for those staff members. Some staff would have more than one entry. This could look like.. SmithJ 01.01.2021 to 31.03.2021 JobA SmithJ 01.04.2021 to 01.06.2021 Job B MillerT 01.01.2021 to 31.03.2021 JobB Finally I want to be able to pull the data for a staff member into their staff profile. I hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated. Many thanks Christian
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