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  1. @sandy159 and @CoopperBackpack - thank you! I tried both methods, and they seemed to both achieve the same thing. I couldn't see much difference - so, again, thanks to both of you. I have another question - but I'll kick that off in a separate thread.
  2. Hi there. New to Caspio, but loving it so far. Low-code is cool. That said, I've far from mastered things! I've a details page that I'm mildly happy with (I'm never 100% satisfied) but one thing that is bugging me is how much screen space a list-string field is taking up, when the particular entry has ticked a tonne of boxes in that field. What I'd like to know is whether it's possible to split the content of that field into columns? Or other suggestions, if you have them! The field as it stands right now is circled below in red in the file 1.jpg. How I'd like it to look, is circled in red in the file 2.jpg. Any ideas?
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