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  1. Hi! I'm just curious what is the difference between IsNull without a space and Is Null with the space? Thanks!
  2. Hello is there a way to change the password strengths color? Any suggestion would help!
  3. SadAko


    Do you have the steps on how Caspio connect to AWS?
  4. SadAko


    Is Caspio running on AWS?
  5. Greetings. I have a table with a file field, and I have already uploaded a file to it. My goal is to update the files with the Caspio Rest API. I would appreciate any tips.
  6. Hello I was wondering why when I set my phone number field into number data type and use it on my triggered action to send SMS to my customers, I am receiving an error message "2088: Mismatched data types". Do you have any ideas?
  7. I was wondering is it possible to align the download data to search button of the report datapage? I would like them to be centered and align together.
  8. How can I place the Age field below the Name field? Any suggestions is highly appreciated.
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