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    SadAko reacted to autonumber in IsNull and Is Null   
    Hi there! IsNull is when there is value to return. It Replaces NULL with the specified replacement value, otherwise returns the result of expression.. While Is Null with the space is when you just want to check if there is a blank value. 
    You can check this link https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/
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    SadAko reacted to autonumber in Change Password Strength colors?   
    Hi there you can configure it on styles of your Caspio bridge and change for your desired color!

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    SadAko reacted to autonumber in AWS   
    Caspio is already running on AWS so you don't have to manually connect it. You may check this: https://www.caspio.com/platform-overview/
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    SadAko reacted to autonumber in AWS   
    Hi there! Yes. Caspio is running on AWS. You can check it here https://www.caspio.com/features/ it is stated there that "Running on AWS and SQL Server, Caspio’s best-in-class technology stack provides the strict security, performance, and compliance required by IT departments across the most demanding global companies and regulated industries."
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    SadAko reacted to GoodBoy in AWS   
    These articles might help you as well.
    -  https://www.caspio.com/caspio-recognized-amazon-web-services-partner-network-advanced-technology-partner/
    - https://www.caspio.com/caspio-expands-its-platform-as-a-service-to-meet-global-market-demands-utilizing-amazon-web-services/
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    SadAko reacted to autonumber in why phone number field is use as text255 data type in triggered action   
    Hello! I contacted support, and they told me that the reason why a phone number field must be converted into text255 data type when using triggered action is that triggered actions automatically add the (+) 1 to existing phone numbers.
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