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  1. I finally got this to work, with no additional coding. Go to Styles>Form/Details>Layout>Data Cells Under Layout Options Cell Width + I tried 1000px (worked well for me) I also chose "Wrap" under Wrap Text Worked nicely
  2. Bluedog

    SEO deployment

    Thank you @CoopperBackpack Yes I believe this is available to legacy plans, I wasn't aware of this until recently, trying to get this feature through my account manager
  3. Bluedog

    SEO deployment

    Hi all, from my understanding, Caspio no longer offers an SEO Deployment solution (even after following Caspio’s Required Prerequisites). I'm hopping that's not the case, if anyone has new info on this that would be great Is there another workaround? Are vanity url's possible? Would that help Thank you
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