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  1. Hi @LittleMsGinger, How do I go about doing this? I have implemented the formula in a Calculated field in a Datapage but I also need it inside the table because it needs to be called from other tables. So how do I setup a trigger to fetch that result or even better to calculate itself?
  2. @KweenYasmin The QR code is above a submission form. The QR code should be generated from table entries. After the scanning of the QR code the user should perform the task and then provide the info in the submission form below the QR code.
  3. Ok so that is the question, can someone assist in this?
  4. @TellMeWhy That is exactly what I want to to. So which parameter should I pass? The Column name? also how do I Specify to choose the one not ticked / or ticked
  5. I have a HTML Block displaying a QR Code from an URL I received here: However I would like the data to be used to populate the QR Code be from a table called tbl_btc_address in a column called bitcoin_address and also select the first value that is not ticked (No). Could someone please help in this custom request?
  6. I have found my solution below and just tweaked it to my application (SELECT SUM(IsNull([@field:Debit],0) - IsNull([@field:Credit],0)) FROM tbl_user_trans_hist WHERE user_ID= target.[@field:user_ID] AND Date <= target.[@field:Date])
  7. Hi @LittleMsGinger, I saw your input from the above mentioned post and seems to be the best working one, but I cannot figure it out because the SQL jargon for the calculated fields are just foreign to me. Would you mind giving some input here?
  8. I am trying to create a log sheet of sorts that shows the users transaction history. I have the table (as below) showing different transactions debit for income and credit for expenses but I want the balance column to show how the balance is increasing or decreasing as the transactions are coming in. ie User makes a deposit of 1000 and the balance also displays 1000, but next line he has an expense in the Credit column of 100 so balance should reflect 900. The table houses multiple users as seen above so that another users credit or debit doesn't influence other users balances.
  9. Thanks so much @CoopperBackpack, that is exactly what I was looking for and it works perfectly. I will be inputting a percentage amount (because not all users will have the same growth in value) so just a little tweaking with a possible calculated field then all will work perfect!
  10. Thanks for the feedback @CoopperBackpack but I was looking for something more automatic. In my case there is no user_ID in the trading_results table because there are 100's of users and adding users by the day. So I want the trading results from the table to apply to each and every active user each time a new trading results is inserted. The loops trigger sounds to be going in the right direction logically speaking 'for each record in {trading_results} do {apply to users_info_active}
  11. Hi there, I am relatively new here with my first post. I am busy figuring out trigger actions which I have the basics down but struggling with something: I have 3 tables: 1. user_info 2. trading_results 3. user_history I need a trigger action to insert newly captured data from trading_results (date, growth in %) to user_history applying it to all active users (tick box) from the user_info table.
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