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  1. I have given up on the popup. However what we have noticed is when the record is updated (submit/update button clicked) it is initiating the Delete script Cooper gave me above. Any ideas?
  2. I have a need for my users to be able to select a Property Owner from a dropdown (data stored is the Owner ID) and then Check off all of the properties from a list that the owner owns. See image I'll also need to create the same solution in reverse because in some cases more a property has more than one owner, hence the additional table in the image.
  3. OK, I showed my client they loved it. However now they want a popup message that has the final button to Deactivate the Property that also has a message. My popup works for 2 seconds and disappears and I can't figure out why. Here's what I have: FIRST BUTTON POPUP TEXT AND BUTTON (Button Works if you are fast enough) POPUP SCRIPT (in html last item on page) FOOTER SCRIPT (You wrote to change the Yes to No. This script still works if you are fast enough to click the button in the popup window. LOL)
  4. I am trying to calculate my users Destination URL based on a Y/N field in another table. Current Table is tblSubmission looking to tblProperty based on SMNPropertyID to PropertyID Here's my Calculation: SELECT Property1978 FROM tblProperty WHERE PropertyID = target.[@field:SMNPropertyID] CASE WHEN [@field:tblProperty1978] = 'Y' THEN 'h.html' ELSE 'i.html' END
  5. I followed your instructions and double checked each step. It's not working, however I'm pretty sure its because I am not replacing something in the script properly. Here is what I have now BUTTON <button class="rdDeleteButton" id="Active">Delete Property</button> CHECKBOX CALC SELECT PropertyActive FROM tblProperty WHERE PropertyID=target.[@field:PropertyID] IN FOOTER (HTML disabled) <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', assignAdditionalListener) function assignAdditionalListener() { document.querySelector("#Active").addEventListener('click', changeValue); document.removeEventListener('DataPageReady', assignAdditionalListener) } function changeValue(event) { document.querySelector('input[id^="EditRecord_PropertyActive"]').value= "N"; } </script>
  6. We don't delete records from our system, we just deactivate them. So, with that said I have a custom script that changes the value of a hidden field "Active". I have a button with an ID of"Active" that executes the following script : <button id="Active" class="rdDeleteButton">Delete Property</button> document.getElementsByIdName('Active').onclick = function clickThis() { document.getElementById('EditRecord_PropertyActive').value = no; The script works perfectly when the Delete Button is clicked, however when the user clicks the save/submit button, this script is executing changing the value of the hidden field. It should only execute if the Delete Property button is clicked.
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