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  1. I have used the code provided by LittleMsGinger successfully to change the column width in a grid edit...thank you. I have an issue that data in the new column is not the same width as the column. For example in a dropdown only the first few words of sentence are visible....suggestions? Also I tried changing the width to % but it seemed to cause other problems. Your suggestions are greatly apreaciated.
  2. Briliant work by TellMeWhy....works in both my weekly and Monthly calendar. I have noticed one issue that is beyond my skills to fix. If I use the back button to return to my weekly calender then the "add New" link is duplicated. I even got it tripled up in one case but I am not sure how. I am assuming that the code runs again if you use the back button? A minor issue at this point but if there is an easy fix? ****Added Thought, my monthly calendar is the only data page on the web page, while the weekly is one of three data pages, just wondered if that might be a contributing factor. Thanks
  3. The code as provided by MayMusic seems to work ...except that the date in variable "transfer" is not passing to my submitting form. (I have other parameters that are passed OK...suggestions)?
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