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  1. Appreciate the comments and you taking the time to reply. . I had an initial look before and couldn't see one that was a financial calculation based one, agreed on the nice videos out there - looking through them and trying to understand the basics.
  2. Hi Loey, I appreciate the reply and good wishes. I will take a look at what you have sent, and once again thanks for the feedback. Regards Mahmood
  3. Hi, I have just signed up and am exploring using Capsio to produce some financial and business tools and resources. One of these is a personal budget app to help individuals manage their personal finances. As a heads up I am an accountant (if that matters) - I would normally provide users with an excel file where they could put in their expected household income and expenses, and another column would be where they monitor what is actually happening. I want to emulate and enhance the user experience, and am thinking (but not sure how) that Capsio would be ideal. Any advice, tips, what t
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