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  1. Hi ParkLoey! Thank you so much for your reply :-) Yes, a multistep form would be a workaround for such a case. To be able to optimize customer experience, and reduce clicks etc. a working 'required' field would be the best option. :-) - jostein
  2. Hi! Trying out the PayPal Payment Gateway for the first time here,,, We need to capture the email adress of the buyer, to be able to send a digital ticket with access to a live streaming event. * When adding a required email field to the submit form, the PayPal button ignores this validation and goes on with the paymet process. Testlink: https://munin.caspio.com/dp/5a019000bb8fbe4cd96c4e64926f?Content_ID=CON2765D99R How can I make sure the buyers leaves their email in such cases? -jozzy
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