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  1. I have a 2 part data page for a global Admin, that Page 1 creates a new Org (Customer) in an Org Table and will assign a RandomID at time of creation with an end destination of Page 2 where it hands the Org_ID to Page 2. Page 2 will create a single Admin User for the Org (Customer) in a Org User Table. This admin user is stamped with the related Org_ID created in Page 1 identifying what Org they belong to. This works like a charm without issue. I have a new record in my Org Table with a unique Random ID and a new record in my Org User Table for the newly created admin, and they are give
  2. I feel stupid. I kept clicking the name, not the actual folder icon. Thanks for your response.
  3. While configuring a DataPage, on the Web Form Wizard - Destination and Messaging when I set destination to go to a DataPage and click the "Browse" button, it opens a window that show my DataPage folders, but does not display the actual DataPages. My only option is to cancel out. How do I get to my DataPages?
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