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  1. Hello all - if someone is able to help with the above. it would be great! I am guessing this is a simple things, but I am stuck and unable to move forward! Thanks so much!
  2. Struggling with a couple of form layout issues: 1. I want a put a title on top of the section of a form. But some fields show up on the same line as the title. 2.I also want to make 2 equal columns in the section. For eg: the details of each kid should be in 1 column and details of another should be in the 2nd column. How can I fix the form below? Thanks! Arundhati
  3. I am trying to make a multi-step form. I pass Customer_ID as a parameter. In page 1 I input the URL of my web page for Page 2 . But I get a 404 error when trying to get to page 2 from page 1. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  4. I am trying to calculate monthly savings needed for college given the following inputs: - Remaining amount needed for college -> "RemainingCollegeAmountKid1" - Interest Rate: 6% per year - Time to college (in months) - > "Kid1TimetocollegeinMonths" I used this formula in the calculated field but I get 'Calculation error'. can someone help please? Thanks in advance IsNull([@field:RemainingCollegeAmountKid1] * (6/1200)*POWER(1+(6/1200), [@field:Kid1TimetoCollegeinMonths])/(POWER(1+(6/1200), [@field:Kid1TimetoCollegeinMonths])-1),0)
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