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  1. Hello @chikaminute, Hello @chikaminute, Instead of using the actual fields, add HTML block next to your Radio Button field and place the code below. This is where your user will input the values for your two fields then you need to hide the two original fields. <label>Status</label> <input class="cbFormTextField" id="InsertRecordcopyStatus" maxlength="255" name="InsertRecordStatuss" size="25" type="text" value="" /><br /> <br /> <label>Phone</label> <input class="cbFormTextField" id="InsertRecordcopyPhone" maxlength="2
  2. Hello @af123, You need to disable the html editor so that it will not read as a text instead it will read it as html tag. You may also access this link for your reference: https://howto.caspio.com/authentications-and-connections/authentication/create-a-standalone-login-screen-2/ https://howto.caspio.com/faq/web-forms/how-to-disable-html-editor-in-datapage-headerfooter-and-html-blocks/
  3. Hello @GrumpyRick, I called the support and inquired about this and they confirmed that it is a one time fee only. You may also reach out to them for consultation.
  4. Hello @PeterER8! Upon checking it seems that you have written this " https:// " twice. You can check the screenshot below:
  5. Hello @kpcollier! I have found a workaround if this is your expected output. I have been looking for this as well and after a few tweaks, I found this. What I found is that this is doable using table relationships. You will need a unique field on your lookup table that you can connect to your main table so you can enable the display name for DataPages. You can check this screenshot below:
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