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  1. I have a simple table that contains the results from survey and I want to make a chart datapage from it for a presentation. The problem I am having is that I can seem to plot the values in a chart. This is what the table looks like. I know it isn't numerical values but I cant seem to find a way in the datapage wizard to use formulas. I plan on visualizing the popularity of each options (a,b, or c) for each question. Any ideas is welcome. Thanks.
  2. Wow that was quick! Thanks guys. I think I'll try @GoodBoy's solution first as I do not think I will be hitting that 255 character limit soon and I am kinda in a rush to finish this. I will try @Tubby's solution later on after my presentation.
  3. I want to use one of the formula fields in my table as a search field for my tabular report page. I can include it to the search fields but when I changed its form element to any cascading element, it wouldn't allow me to use it for the "Field for value". It isn't available in the options to select from. I also tried using a Virtual field and same thing happened. The formula field is just a concatenation of 2 text(255) fields. I don't want both of those fields in the table since two columns takes a lot of space. Any ideas how to do this?
  4. I see. I just need to make sure I am not having any issues on my end so I dont waste any DataHub calls then, Thanks!
  5. I have a number of scheduled exports that failed due to "Connection Failure". The problem was on our end but I was wondering if those will still be counted as Datahub calls and will be deducted to my account? Anyone knows if it does? TIA. -Hexy
  6. Hi I have built a simple order tracking app and I want to send email notification to the users every time the status is changed. The problem is that I have multiple status for the orders. Here is a sample of my table records. As you can see, I have "Placed" ,"Picked up" , and "Delivered" status. I have a couple more but the idea is that for each of these status, I want a different email message or content sent to the email address of the user. Currently, I am only using acknowledgement emails so the users will receive an email upon placing an order. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance. ~Hexy
  7. I forgot to thank @Tubby for the answer. Thank you for the list of criteria. That really helped! Thank you to @PotatoMato as well. That is a very helpful article. Do you happen to know if I can set my own password criteria in Caspio? Thanks ~ - Hexy
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking for this everywhere and I can't seem to find an article about this. Does anyone know what criteria (like uppercase, lowercase...) are used for the several password strengths that Caspio has by default as shown below? I just wanted to know if there are available resources about this so I can document it or make my users aware of the requirements. Any help is appreciated. Thanks ~ - Hexy
  9. Sorry for replying late @Tubby. I have tested both of this. They both work perfectly for Calculated Values! Thanks! I went with the '<br>' as I am most familiar with it and because I think CHAR(13) only works with calculated values and not formula fields. I am not sure if this is expected since formula fields and calculated values looks and works very similarly. Anyways, thanks for the help. Hexy
  10. Hi everyone. I was wondering if there is a way to put line breaks in calculated values? Like I can concatenate strings without problem but I want the next field under my first field instead of just a space in the middle. Example: Field1 Field2 What I have now is: Field1 Field2 I cant use <br> or press the Enter key. It does not do anything. I cant find it in Localizations either. Anyone has a workaround for this? Thanks, Hexy
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