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  1. I keep having an issue where when I have an ampersand (&) keyed into a caspio submission form it always removes the ampersand and all text that follows. Any ideas?
  2. I've noticed my Caspio app has had performance hiccups lately and I'm not sure if its my setup. Sometimes it runs quick and other times is runs slow and/or needs to be refreshed to work. Are there any guidelines on how to get the best performance out of my application? I have 100+ datapages and over 6GB on storage so far - not sure if that affects speed.
  3. @Tubby - duh! I knew I saw that somewhere before.
  4. Does anyone know how to remove the record counter at the bottom of a tabular datapage? See below.
  5. @TellMeWhy - thanks for taking the time to write this for me - much appreciated. For some reason I can never add in the fields and get these to work, I cannot get the syntax down. So just looking at the start button I'm hoping you can walk me through this. So I'm in a Single Record Update DataPage. The field is a date field called ink_start from the table called tbl_drops. So when I use the field picker it looks like this [@field:tbl_drops_ink_start*] So based on that what would the code below look like once I added in the information I need to get this working? I'm thinking I'm not writing the correct thing under the "InsertRecordFIELDNAME" <script> document.getElementById("button1").addEventListener("click", function tx(){ var date = new Date(); document.getElementById("InsertRecordFIELDNAME").value = date.toLocaleString("en-US").replace(',',''); document.getElementById("button1").removeEventListener("click", tx); }); </script>.
  6. Can someone help me create a button that when clicked it timestamps a date field? I have the start and stop fields below and my users have to key in the time and keep forgetting to add the time or remember to select AM or PM. Thanks!
  7. I'd like to filter based on records that are 14 days past the prod_complete_date field below. Is there a way to do that within the set up below? Not sure how to write that out.
  8. Hello. From time to time users within my Caspio App will need to import address lists that range from 10 to 100 addresses into an existing table. Instead of importing them through Caspio bridge (or entering them one at a time) is there a way to import them in thru a DataPage? With my old Access Dbase they would just copy and paste into a dataview. Thanks!
  9. @CoopperBackpack - thanks for your help - I used the first one and it works! However it doesn't subtotal the groups (see below). Any idea on how to fix this?
  10. Hello. I have an aggregate function on a datapage to sum up all minutes keyed into a number field. I need to figure out how to convert that total number into hours/minutes. For example if the total number is 75 minutes I can divide that by 60 and get 1.25 but I'd rather it say 1.15 or 1 hour and 15 minutes. Thanks for any help.
  11. @kpcollier thanks for the recommendation. @LWSChad Can I contract you to do this for me?
  12. @kpcollier - Can I hire you to build this out for me?
  13. @TellMeWhy - not sure if this is allowed to ask in here but can I hire you to help with this type of stuff and also create some automated emails through Caspio?
  14. We’d like to create a set up where on an iPad we can navigate to a project in Caspio, take a picture of something with the iPad and have it automatically attach it to the record. Does anybody know if this is possible?
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