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  1. @kpcollier last issue i am having with this script, It seems to leave the last employee still showing even if that employee is not available. Would you know how to make the dropdown show blank or a lack of options if all employees have been used?
  2. actually I found the answer. In case anyone needs to know I added the ID field and changed the form element to calculated field. In the formula field i added [@cbParamVirtual2] . When you click Dropdown list in virtual field 2 It updates the ID field.
  3. that system works perfectly except for one small item i am not sure how to get the virtual field to pass the data to the new record, it shows blank. I feel like the "insertRecordFIELDNAME" is what i am trying to do but not sure how or where to add it to the script.
  4. I did see that post, i just was not sure how to add in the the mentioned data into the page to make it work correctly. I am not sure if those two sets of data go into the virtual fields somehow or in the footer just copied and pasted?
  5. i am trying to make a submission form that will allow me to select a day and then populate a virtual field with employees who have not already had data entered for that day. Not sure if this is possible or not.
  6. Hi I would love to tag onto this and ask for more information on how to set this up, I am not sure where to put the data that you gave to get it to populate the page
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