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  1. Hello, I am trying to set up a form that would allow users to register, and give them the option to pay immediately or if they prefer they can skip paying now. I tried using a conditional rule to hide the payment unless the user has indicated they do want to pay immediately. But the payment form still appears despite the conditional rule, I am guessing it's because all the payment fields are required and this cannot be changed. So i tried instead making a single record update form for the payment, but it seems this is not possible either, after creating a single record update datapage, the 'insert' button does not include the 'payment' option. So the only solution I have thought of is 1. have the registration form collect their contact information and choice of whether to pay now or later. 2. Make the destination of the registration form be a separate payment form if they have chosen to pay now, and pass a unique ID from the first form submission as an external parameter to the payment form. These users will not be authenticated so I am concerned that if the only thing linking the first form with the payment form is an external parameter, there may be instances where that parameter value is accidentally deleted or missing, resulting in a payment but no indication of who it was from. If anyone has a suggestion for another way to approach this please let me know. thank you!
  2. @JayDub did you ever find a solution for this? I've been trying to style stripe payment fields also (mine are for some reason randomly missing the borders that appear on every other field) and I have noticed these fields are different from the normal form fields in that each one is actually an iframe directly to stripe. So the height attribute you point out is an attribute of a div, but within that div is an iframe that provides the stripe-hosted field. That stripe iframe appears to be not affected by caspio styles. Maybe entering the card info into an iframe is the security requirement they mean, and it's a technical limitation that they cannot actually style anything within that iframe. I have not yet found a solution. then next thing I plan to try is to set a background color for my entire form and maybe that can at least show the shape of these fields. I also wonder if it would be worth checking to see if there are any styling settings in Stripe itself, maybe there is some kind of default that could be set there that would affect the iframe contents.
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