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  1. THANK YOU so much! Forgive my ignorance - I'm on the uphill side of the learning curve here... a) I did manage to isolate the 6 digits via a formula. Those six digits sit in a column I titled Extracted_Date. Since this column is a formula, it doesn't appear (to me) that I can run a formula like yours in a new column against the extracted date. So - are you doing this on a datapage or in the table itself? Thank you again! Rob
  2. Well, I kind of figured out the answer to my question from the other day (with the help of some of you - thank you!) I did manage my own work-around .... kind of. I was finally able to extract the last 6 numbers of the SKUs we use for events. These numbers represent the date of that event ... it would look like XXX091021 for example. The XXX would represent the abbreviation of the location of the event. Anyway - there were some great tips sent my way but ultmately (and may not correctly), I ended up using a formula to bring those last six numbers of the sku (the date) into a new column. New column entries look like this: 091021 Now I need to convert that (or at least represent it on a datapage) as an actual DATE. Why? I need to show all events that will take place between two given dates. I know this is an insanely difficult route to take but the way that our orders are processed does not allow for the import of the event date. Painful. ANYWAY - anyone? I know Concatenate was suggested but I have no idea how to concat within a string. THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE! R
  3. Thanks - I've viewed this a dozen times or more but it doesn't really point me in the right direction!
  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! This is a brilliant method. I need to get my head wrapped around both concepts and give them a try. THANK YOU!!
  5. Hi All! So, something has me stumped. Here's the scenario: One of my tables contains a list of Events and another table contains a list of Customers who purchased tickets to those events. My EVENTS table contains Event location, Event SKU, and date of each event. Each location can have multipe dates. Customers purchase tickets to those events and a SKU is listed in the purchase (not the event date - which isn't ideal) however; the SKU has the last 6 digits as the date (example: XXX090921) Bottom line, I want the EVENT DATE (from the EVENTS table) to be entered indo the CUSTOMERS table based on the SKU that gets imported from WOO. I cannot seem to find a way to do this. Thoughts????? Thanks in advance!!! Rob
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