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  1. For anyone interested, I reached out to Caspio and they solved the issue. Elsewhere in the account there were 2 corrupted views. After deleting these unused views, column deletion worked as normal. This explains why the error message was so vague and did not specify a specific object.
  2. I am working on a Pivot Table for a requested report. I wish to sort the table by the values in the pivot table (specifically a sum of an amount field), which I can do by clicking on the column heading no problem. However, since this will be a frequently used report, I want to have the datapage default to sorting by this value. I cannot figure out how, and saw some similar threads but not with conclusions. Any thoughts?
  3. UPDATE: I have followed all above suggestions for this table. I went so far as to make a copy of the table, detach it entirely from the application, remove all triggered actions, delete every record, and it still gives me the same error message I posted on 8/23/21. I did notice something unusual: although the table has no relationships, it still has the blue icon next to it signifying relationships (see image). Does anyone have any insight as to what the issue could be?
  4. I am trying to remove unused columns from a large table in my application. I am able to delete the column, but on clicking "save", I get the following error message, and the column reappears: The field in question is not used in any relationship, datapage, view, task, or triggered action. All records have this field blank. Does anyone have any insight as to what I'm missing? Thanks.
  5. For anybody interested, I actually altered @telly's code slightly to allow for data callouts: <style> .highcharts-a11y-proxy-button { pointer-events: none!important; } tspan { pointer-events: none!important; } </style> Removing the "highcharts-a11y-proxy-button {pointer-events: none!important;}" piece allows for data callouts when hovering over slices. The above code only disables the responsive legend.
  6. I notice you have if (calcField.value == null) { htmlBlock.style.display = "none"; } instead of if (calcField.value !== null) { htmlBlock.style.display = "none"; } So your code would only hide the link if the calculated field was blank. Unless you were using that for troubleshooting?
  7. @telly Thank you, this solution works perfectly!
  8. I love the responsive legend feature for charts in Caspio, that you can click on legend items to remove/add them. However, for some charts I would like to disable this feature, i.e. I don't want users to be able to remove slices from Pie-charts and then use them for reporting. However, I still want users to see the legend, I just want to disable the responsive feature. Does anybody know of away to accomplish this? I do not think this can be done with base Caspio. Thank you!
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