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  1. I have datapages that require authentication. These are built for smart phones, I have my phone setup correctly with cross app tracking I still login over and over and over every day every datapage. Caspio claims authentication works but I have a video proving it doesn't. Does anyone else have this issues?
  2. The iframe is the same frame for 1 datapage, the details section of this datapage is what doesn't load to the top, it loads in the middle if the section before it is scrolled far down when the link is clicked. I've hired a javascript/iframes "expert" from guru.com to look at the issue, so far they haven't come up with something. For reasons beyond understanding this app builder tool (lumavate.com) I'm using to insert caspio into won't let the normal javascript embed syntax work correctly so if iframes are a mess I'm trying to come up with a work around, I've coded this and the page pulls up but its not dynamic, its static and none of the links work that are in the caspio datapage e. I'm going to have my javascript developer look and see if they can figure this out and if they can then I don't have to worry about my iframes problem. hopefully they smarter than I am with Javascript. var script = document.createElement('script'); script.type = 'text/javascript'; script.src = "https://c2acm484.caspio.com/dp/8e82a000890b4e1dc20c4bf6a92c/emb"; document.head.appendChild(script)
  3. I have an iframe where 1 datapage connects to another datapage The first datapage has a iframe width="100%' height="3500" when I am far down in the frame of the first page and click on a link to the 2nd page the 2nd page never starts at the top of the iframe window but way down in the middle/bottom I know this is a common issue with iframes and have reviewed multiple solutions but none of the following work. any help is greatly appreciated none of the below works: onload="window.top.scrollTo(0,0); onload="window.parent.scrollTo(0,0); onload="window.parent.parent.scrollTo(0,0);
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