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  1. Newbie to Caspio. I have a tabular report with a details page and I want to create a text field so Users can add comments. Then another user for example can open the details page, see the 1st user's comment and add their own comment. So the final result should look like a textbox to add comments And any comment that were previously submitted from other users. Similar to the image below
  2. I have created a tabular report with a details page. The table has a string list field called 'comments'. When I open the detail page of an entry I want there to be a text field that allows users to submit comments in the text field and display it below the text field like the image. I can display the comments I added in Caspio but not sure how to add the text box and update the field in the table.
  3. So I checked on the html page preview and it shows the error message and the logout button is grayed out so I'm not logged in.
  4. Ah that's make sense that I'm probably logged in. I'll try that. So that Login is an html data page that I have an email and password fields that I'm using to login to my app. This is the template code inside the html data page: <script> if("[@authfield:Admin]" == "Yes"){ window.location = "http://www.mysite.com/admin.html"; } else if ("[@authfield:Manager]" == "Yes"){ window.location = "http://www.mysite.com/manager.html"; } else{ window.location = "http://www.mysite.com/employee.html"; } </script> Just checks what role the person trying to log in has and redirects them to a specific page. Now I'm trying to redirect them to a datapage in my Caspio app instead of an html on successful login. I'm not sure how to do that.
  5. Where would I see if I have any redirection? The only code I have is redirecting to a certain page on a successful login. As soon as I embed the Login html page the error message shows up. No login form, no submit button just the message.
  6. Unless the redirection is before the Login renders I'm not sure why it shouldn't show up at all. It should only redirect on successful login.
  7. I'm new to Caspio. This is my first app. I'm trying to build a simple login system for now by deploying my Login html data page to Sharepoint. It only accepts iFrames. The login shows up when I preview it in Caspio. However when I embed the deployment code it shows me a "File or directory not found." message. I've gone through all the tutorials and posts I could find about it here but no luck. Also I'm a little unclear on how to transition to my dashboard data page afterwards on successful login. All tutorials transition to an html but I want to transition to datapages only for my app.
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