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  1. Hi Guys, I'm a bit confused her, I'm Trying to create an Inventory App but a few things are not lining up for me: 1. I'm trying to create an Automation that each time I create a new invoice the container in the Pi description copulates Automatically to the container Table (I'm Sharing a screenshot of the PI Table ) 2. I have creates a Product List and I'm trying to sync some how the product list with the PI and container Tables, what I had in mind is that in the PI I enter the containers info and each container has a "unit" cell that you choose the Product and Quantity (like if it there was a table within the Cell) all the Product units under in the Container tables should be counted so it will appear in the Inventory on hand View or table I'm Creating 3. I'm Trying to create a view that holds 4 Entire Tables, but couldn't understand how to do it (It's a view that shows all the units I have in 3-4 Warehouses)
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